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Netflix For Dads ~ Daredevil Edition

There hasn’t been a show since Lost that has captured my attention as much as Netflix’s Daredevil series. I’ll preface this by saying that I am a huge fan of the superhero genre and watch all the various shows that have spawned recently. That said, there’s a huge difference between the shows on regular cable […]

Best Vacation Ever! {Guest Post}

We have another guest post on the blog today! Please welcome Canadian father, Ingus, who is Toronto-area photographer and new dad, learning the fine art of parenting a new baby girl. You can read about his wacky adventures at Dad Mode On blog! ********************************************************************************** “So you’re going to be off for five months, eh? You’ll […]

Would You Rather? Dentist’s Needle Edition

Having now shared two dental dread stories already, I decided to turn the tables on my readers and ask them what things they would rather do than get a freezing needle from their dentist. I kicked it off by saying that I’d rather change 100 dirty diapers than get another needle in my mouth and […]

From Zombie to Post-Op {Guest Post}

We have another guest post on the blog today! Please welcome Canadian father, Jason McNaught, who is a father to a three-year-old ninja-in-training, and loves every minute of it. In May, he will publish the first issue of The New Hip, an Ottawa-based lifestyle magazine for older adults. TheNewHip.com ****************************************************************************************** My wife and I knew […]

You’re Already A Good Dad

Life can get pretty repetitive, can’t it? Work, school, ballet, hockey, sleep, repeat. Entire weeks can go by without anything significant happening and I’ve made my peace with that as we can’t be all spontaneity all the time. Every now and then, however, something sneaks up on you and kicks you right upside the head. […]

Have You Had The Talk With Your Family?

So when I ask if you’ve had The Talk with your family, I’m talking about the uncomfortable conversation around heart health. A new survey conducted by Vision Critical and commissioned by Bayer Inc. found that 34% of Canadians aged 18-54 agree that they find it difficult to discuss their parent(s) and/or loved one’s health and […]