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Why Do Kids Have To Climb Everything??

I’ve written previously about how I have to work extra hard to bury my inner helicopter parent and as my kids are getting older I am finding that fight gets harder every single day. One of my biggest triggers is with the kids’ constant need to climb everything they see, so in an effort to […]

Disney’s Moana Review

I took my daughter to go see Disney’s new feature film, Moana, and we both absolutely loved it! While it may not have the same powerful soundtrack that a movie like Frozen had, Moana was fun and exciting from start to finish while also having an amazing message that even my 6 year old could […]

Can We Talk About The Man Flu For A Minute?

The man flu is a joke that has been around for ages and will likely never die. The joke is that we, as men, don’t know how to handle being sick so we over exaggerate our sniffles, lock ourselves away in our rooms and expect to be waited on hand and foot. If I’m being […]