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Since becoming a parent, I’ve found that monitoring screen time is one of those things that I am never quite sure about. You can definitely take the easy road here and say that kids should be outside at all times and never allowed to touch screens ever, however that’s just not the reality for most families. My kids spend a ton of time outside with their activities, so we’re fairly relaxed about screen time, but even my kids aren’t immune from stretching that inch into a mile.

For those of you who are in the same boat as I am, Rogers just introduced the Ignite WiFi Hub and it’s really amazing. The app lets you manage your home Wi-Fi network easily from anywhere, on any device. With the Ignite WiFi Hub you can do everything from setting parental controls to pausing Wi-Fi on individual devices.

While the Ignite WiFi Hub has its benefits as it relates to limiting your child’s screen time, it actually has a ton of practical applications as well. For instance, my wife and I, like most people today, have become attached to our devices. We can now use the app to set Bedtime Mode, where the Wi-Fi will  not be active on our devices between certain hours. And, yes, we could just turn it back on any time we want, but having it scheduled is a gentle reminder that we need to put the devices away.

Rogers Ignite Wifi Options

My favourite feature so far has been the ability to track the usage and peak times for every device that is connected to my network. Not only is it great for tracking how much time my son spends playing video games or my daughter spends on YouTube, but it is also helpful to take a look at how much time we, as parents, are spending on our devices. I can’t be the only one who catches himself quickly checking Facebook during dinner, right?

I’m even going to give you a parental confession here… I’d had a rough day at work the other day and had a child who was not interested in listening to my instruction to go outside and play. Instead of going through the arguing/disciplinary process, I simply paused the Wi-Fi on their device and, presto, they were outside in minutes! Am I proud of myself? Not particularly, but I got the few minutes rest I needed in order to recharge my batteries and ended playing some 1-on-1 basketball with them later that night. If you’re an imperfect parent like me and are interested in finding out more about what the Rogers Ignite WiFi Hub can do for you, you can read more about it by visiting

Disclosure: I am currently a Rogers ambassador and have been tasked with testing all their new innovations. This one is a great one!

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