Guest Posts

I spoke about my secret love of McDonald’s with My Big Blue WorldOld McDonald’s Had a Farm, And a BigMac

Here’s an interview I did for Dad of DivasDads In The Limelight Series

My interview with Julia from Nugglemama’s HandfulGetting To Know Canadian Dad

Guest Post for Let Children Play – What Happened To My Little Babies?

I’ve also been fortunate enough to have done a couple toy reviews for Mastermind Toys:

1. Crazy Forts Review

2. Speed Stacks Review


Canadian Dad in the News

I did an interview for Salon.Com about Stay at Home Dads. I am not a SAHD in the traditional sense but my work has me home a majority of the time. Here’s the article, entitled “Rise Of The Dad Wars”

And here’s an interview I did on CJAD 800 in Montreal about the Salon article: Is This Really “The Rise Of The Dad Wars” Or Just A Ploy?


I was honoured to be named one of She Knows Canada’s list of “5 Canadian Dad Bloggers We Love”, along with some impressive company!



Life Of Dad

I’ve also been asked to do some writing for the Life of Dad website, which brings together a group of Dads to share their experiences through writing, video and photos. It’s a very cool site and is run by the warm up comic for The Ellen Show, Tom Riles (yeah, suck that name drop!). Anyway, here are my posts for that site to date.

1. Was I Not Supposed To Watch The Hunger Games?

2. My Son Is Petrified Of People In Costumes…And Here’s Why!

3. My Daughter Is A Sleep Ninja

4. I Hate Garage Sales!

5. Yes Way, Jose!

6. Life of Dad Podcast with Tom Riles & Art Eddy (Includes me rapping at the end…)

7. I Wrote You a Letter

8. The Art Of The Cheese Face


That’s all for now but I’m hoping to do a lot more guest work in the future. I’m not totally closed off to the idea of having guest posters on my site either. I am new to blogging so the traffic levels aren’t there yet but if you have something interesting to share, I’ll definitely take a look to see if it’s a fit! Shoot me an email right here.

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