CD Podcast 15 - Mike Reynolds

Canadian Dad Podcast: Ep. 15 – Father, Speaker, Cross-Stitcher, Mike Reynolds

Today on the podcast I speak to Mike Reynolds from On the show we cover topics such as:

– Body Image for Men

– Mike’s switch from to

– Mike’s new found love of Cross-Stitching

– Speaking in New York on the Changing Face of Maculinity

– Mike’s t-shirts for Charity Venture

– The hopeful revival of our Creative Minds Podcast

You can visit Mike’s Everyday Girl Dad Project on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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Canadian Dad Podcast 14 - Casey Palmer

Canadian Dad Podcast: Ep. 14 – Fatherhood Writer, Casey Palmer

Today on the podcast I speak to Fatherhood writer, Casey Palmer, from On the show we cover topics such as:

– Finally meeting in person at the Dad 2.0 Summit

– Casey’s Live From the 3.5 Project, which began as a Black History Month feature but grew into a something much bigger

– Our thoughts on the dad blogging space in Canada and if blogs are on the way out

– What we hope our platforms will do to inspire our kids creatively.

– Casey’s time at the Parenting 101 Conference in Kelowna, BC

You can catch Casey on his blog, Twitter @CaseP, Facebook MrCaseyPalmer and Instagram CaseyPalmer

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Ellie Black

Canadian Dad Podcast: Ep. 13 – Canadian Olympic Gymnast, Ellie Black

Today I chatted with Canadian Olympic gymnast, Ellie Black, about her journey through gymnastics, which has led her to appear in 2 Olympic games so far.

We talked about her youth as she provided some excellent advice for all the young gymnasts out there and even took the time to answer a few questions from the gymnasts here at Kanata Gymnosphere.

We also had a chance to discuss her new line of Ellie leotards from Jagwear of Canada and how important it is for kids to have string Canadian role models to look up to.

Ellie is an absolutely wonderful person and you can tell that she is grateful for everything that has come her way. She is quick to give back to the kids and we are lucky to have her as an ambassador for our young athletes. You can (and should) follow Ellie on Twitter and Instagram

I hope you enjoy the show!!

Canadian Dad Podcast 12

Canadian Dad Podcast: Ep. 12 – Canadian Olympic Gold Medallists Adam Van Koeverden & Jennifer Botterill

I had the privilege of speaking with Canadian Olympic Gold Medallists Adam Van Koeverden & Jennifer Botterill as they promote the new cancer screening tool, My CancerIQ, which takes just 5 minutes and gives you an in depth assessment about your risk of developing certain cancers. In the interview we discuss the My CancerIQ assessment and talk about why it’s so important to stay on top of your health, especially when you have family history.

Adam and Jennifer were also kind enough to answer all of my Olympic questions and had some amazing answers with tips for parents and also for young athletes about what things are important when trying to reach your Olympic goals.

A huge thanks to Adam & Jennifer for making the time to talk!

Canadian Dad Podcast - Blogger Mike Reynolds

Canadian Dad Podcast: Ep. 10 – Parenting Writer, Mike Reynolds

Today on the podcast I welcome Huffington Post contributor, children’s author and Puzzling Posts blogger, Mike Reynolds.

We took some time to discuss the different standards between men and women in sport, specifically speaking about Eugenie Bouchard and the Women’s World Cup of Soccer/Football.

This being Bell Let’s Talk day, we also get into a discussion about mental illness and share our personal stories. I believe that the stigma is slowly lifting and will only continue to fade as more people take a stand. The more we talk, the more we help.

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Canadian Dad Podcast The Trews

Canadian Dad Podcast; Ep. 9 – John-Angus MacDonald from The Trews

I had the very cool opportunity to chat with John-Angus MacDonald, who is the guitarist for one of my favourite Canadian rock bands, The Trews. John-Angus is a new father and I was curious to hear how his rock star life had changed after his son’s birth.

Before we talked father, John-Angus was gracious enough to answer a bunch of my rock and roll questions. I’ve always been fascinated by rock stars and everything that goes on behind the scenes in the rock world. John-Angus shares his mindset before and after a show and talks about The Trews’ new self-titled album.

One of my favourite parts of the interview is when J-A talks about how they treat each new album as if they are re-applying for their jobs. I also get the back story behind the band’s name and how they started out as a band named, Trouser.

We close out the interview by talking about fatherhood and John-Angus shares his hopes for himself as a father and talks about whether he’ll encourage his children to pursue a musical career. I had a blast talking music and fatherhood with John-Angus MacDonald and highly recommend their new album to anyone who loves rock and roll!

For more info on The Trews, their tour and their music, you can visit

Canadian Dad Podcast - Bobs LoLo

Canadian Dad Podcast: Ep. 8 – Canadian Children’s Recording Artists, Bobs and LoLo

I was so excited to have the opportunity to speak to Canadian children’s recording artists, Bobs and LoLo. My kids have been huge B&L fans for a long time and I still get their songs stuck in my head all the time.

In this episode we talk a lot about Bobs & LoLo’s new Christmas album, Wave Your Antlers, and the process behind the recording and filming of the album. Just as a side note, the album is really great and my kids have really enjoyed listening to the first single Chris Moose, mostly because at one point he “shakes his caboose”, which the kids find hilarious.

We also talk about B&L’s numerous Juno Nominations, what it was like meeting and sharing a stage with the likes of Fred Penner and Sharon, Lois & Bram and we also spend a few minutes comparing notes on how little we all know about using Pinterest.

It was great talking to Robyn and Lorraine and you can easily see why they are a great fit for the children’s music scene in the joyful and passionate way they discuss their music.

Canadian Dad Podcast - Kelly Flannigan Bos

Canadian Dad Podcast – Ep. 7 – Psychotherapist & Relationship Expert, Kelly Flannigan Bos

This week on the podcast I had the chance to speak to psychotherapist and relationship expert, Kelly Flannigan Bos. Kelly is also The Relationship Rescuer blogger with the Yummy Mummy Club and we had a chance to talk about her role on the site.

We talk about a range of topics, including conscious uncoupling, marital stress, putting your marriage first and how to take small steps towards rekindling your relationship.

Finally we discuss the stigma behind seeking counseling and Kelly explains why it’s important with any type of counseling that you get the help you need before it’s too late.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did and many thanks to Kelly for taking the time to chat.

Canadian Dad Podcast - Chris Routly

Canadian Dad Podcast – Ep. 6 – Children’s Author & Writer, Chris Routly

This week on the show, I spoke to stay at home dad, blogger at and the author of the new children’s book,Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish“, Chris Routly!

We discussed his journey from a career in graphic design to life as a stay at home dad, blogger and author. Chris also talks about his work with the National At-Home Dad Network and the new Portland Dads Group that he is co-running. 

Chris is a great dad and great writer, PLUS he knows the exact date that Marty McFly goes into the future and we talk a bit about how the internet is always getting the date wrong!

Finally, I am happy to introduce the first ever sponsor for the podcast! If you would like to take advantage of a one month free trial at Reading Eggs, you can go to and sign up! I have been using this service for about a year and my kids love it.