Blog Soup – Week of October 29th

Each week, Blog Soup will highlight some of my favourite posts from other bloggers around the interweb.

1. The Title Of This ‘Is Sometimes Other People Know What’s Best For You Even When You Think They Don’t’ or ‘How I Raced In My First Speed Skating Meet’ by Speed Skating Mom – For those of you who don’t know, Sharon DeVellis decided to take up Speed Skating at the age of 41. In her Speed Skating Story, she talks about how she had “only skated 3 times in here adult life”, so you can imagine how tough this task would be. This story is a recap of her very first Speed Skating Meet and is a great reminder that hard work and perserverance absolutely pay off.

2. Help Level the Field for Rwandan Kids: Peace through Play in Africa by Globetrotting Mama – In this post, Heather Greenwood Davis introduces readers to a new initiative she’s a part of, called “Right To Play”. It’s an excellent program that uses sport and play to educate and empower children and youth to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict, and disease in disadvantaged communities. As a big supporter of helping less fortunate children in sport, this one really struck a cord with me.

3. Dear Mommy Blogger by Sharon DeVellis – I know, I know, TWO Sharon DeVellis stories in one week!? What can I say, she caught my eye with this one as well. This one is a little harder for me to read because I’m pretty sure a post of mine is the reason she decided to finally write it. I wasn’t proud of the way I reacted to a bad email pitch and had a great talk with Sharon about it before she put this up. It’s a great take on the blogger/PR relationship and one that I will read and reread as my blogging continues.

4. Are We Experiencing A Rudeness Epidemic by A Little Bit Of Momsense – My new friend, Rebecca, shares her feelings on the growing amount of rudeness we are facing these days. The cool thing about this, other than the fact that I completely agree, is that she wasn’t afraid to share her thoughts about it. Reading stories like this really helps me realize that I don’t have to hide all my feelings, and that it’s okay to share them with my readers from time to time.

5. The Seven Year Itch by Mr. Lady – One of my favourite bloggers, Mr. Lady, talks about her blog’s upcoming 8th anniversary and discusses how rough year 7 was. It’s an excellent look at the struggles of a veteran blogger, trying to decide what to write about and how much of her personal life to share with her readers. I love everything about her blog and hope she decides to keep on typing!

That’s all for this week, I hope you enjoyed my choices. I’ll have a new list next Tuesday and please feel free to share any other great posts you read this week, as I’m always looking for new stuff to read!


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