Disney on Ice Mickey Roadster

I’m The Guy Who Broke Mickey Mouse’s Roadster At Disney On Ice

Hi, my name is Chris and you may remember me from such things as “My Day With The Cast of Disney on Ice“. As much fun as that was, when I found out that the fine people at Disney on Ice were going to allow me to drive Mickey Mouse’s roadster at this year’s event, I was even more excited than before!

This year’s Disney on Ice event was the Worlds of Fantasy tour and in the video below you will see my interview with cast member, Ben Smith, who discusses his fear of potatoes, followed by the multiple ways in which I break Mickey’s sweet ride… Enjoy!!!

PS – I asked the kids what they thought of the show and they both said “We liked it”, because my children seem to show the same emotion for every single thing we do, making it impossible to ever really know. Also, it’s Disney and even though I had seen most of these performances in past years, the kids seem to have zero memory, which is a good thing in cases like this.

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