The Time I Decided Not To Be Unhealthy Anymore

I have always been an athletic person. I played hockey and fastball at high enough levels to consider myself an athlete and assumed that I would be playing these sports well into my later years, as my father had. Life, it would seem, had different plans for me though. Six years removed from fastball and way too many years out of hockey and the only sports I excel in these days are of the fantasy variety. In my last few years as a ball player, my nickname was “Gutsy”, and that had nothing to do with courage and everything to do with a widening mid section. Oh yeah, did I mention that I make jokes to cover for the fact that I am so badly out of shape that I am actually afraid to do physical activity for fear of dying? Yeah, there’s also that.

I dusted off the scale the other day, as I sometimes do, and stared blankly at the numbers 203.2 looking up at me. This isn’t how I had pictured my 30’s, not by a long shot. Most days, I am so exhausted by simple, every day tasks that I barely have the energy to get off the couch. What little energy I do have goes directly to my children, which is great, but that means things like my marriage, work and website have all suffered.

Well, all of that is about to change. I’m tired of saying I’m going to get healthy, only to find a plethora of reasons to quit the gym and go back to my old Dairy Queen eating, pop guzzling, eating a whole box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in one sitting (not proud of this one) ways. I have now been to the gym for 6 straight days and have started Weight Watchers point tracking in hopes of getting healthier and living longer for my family and myself. I am 100% committed to creating a better me and won’t stop until I get there.

As I write this, I am thinking of how good those sweet, sweet Dairy Queen Blizzard’s are and am in the process of chaining myself to my bed with Duct Tape over my mouth just in case the Blizzard somehow tries to dance it’s way in. It’s going to be a long journey and I’m going to bore you with every detail about it until you can’t take it anymore. I’ve joined a group of my fellow Dad bloggers as well, in an effort they are calling “Chuck The Chunk”, so it’ll be nice to feel like it is a team effort!

Now, I believe we were talking about Dairy Queen…..

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Good for you! That’s awesome that you’re posting about this next challenge/adventure!!! Reading this definitely just motivated me to NOT go and eat that bowl of ice cream that I was just thinking of getting!!! Have any extra duct tape?!? 😉

  2. DeBalino
    DeBalino says:

    Congrats!! It’s so hard to make the decision to start! Today’s my first day of a healthier lifestyle, and already I feel a difference in my energy, which affects everything else – work, productivity at home, etc. Looking forward to seeing your progress!!!

  3. Christian Toto
    Christian Toto says:

    Your 30s are a real turning point, particularly for men. Will you give in and give up, or will you recommit to a healthier lifestyle? So glad to see you’ve opted for Plan B. I suspect your taste buds will slowly acclimate to a better diet, and suddenly all those sinful treats won’t seem so … perfect.

  4. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    Situation is similar here. I just got tired of squeezing into my pants. I’m cheap. So it was easier to lose weight then buy new jeans.
    About a month ago I started running seriously and am now doing 4-5Kms every 2 days. I only drink water, no more pop. No more fast food either.
    Before I knew it, I was down 10lbs and instead of being cheap, I just dropped $100 on shoes.

    Don’t quit.

  5. Helene
    Helene says:

    I’m doing the WW system too, and having good success with it most of the time. It gets easier once the cravings are under control!!! You’ll have good support from the blog/twitterverse…good luck!

  6. Jes Lacasse
    Jes Lacasse says:

    Good for you. Taking that first step (and announcing your intentions to the world!) is so, so important.

    Also, kudos on you for admitting publicly the things about your diet you’re ashamed of. When I was first changing my eating habits, I didn’t want anyone to know how horrible they were, to the point of hiding my binge eating from my partner. It eventually got so bad that I would eat and cry from shame at the same time.

    You’re not alone. For truth.


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