Max & Ruby Visit Ottawa’s Centrepointe Theatre


I’d like to welcome my friend, Erin Blaskie, to the blog today. She kindly agreed to review the Max & Ruby show for me when my family came down with multiple pneumonia’s the day of the show. Here is her review of the show!


A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending Max & Ruby’s in the Nutcracker Suite event at Centrepointe Theatre after winning a contest that Canadian Dad had on his site. The event was put on by Koba Entertainment and was inspired by Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite – one of the greatest musical scores ever.

My daughter Willow, who is two, absolutely adores Max & Ruby and I knew that she would LOVE to see them live. So, on Wednesday, December 18th, we drove over to Centrepointe and took our seats – one row back from the stage.

Max Ruby 1

Max Ruby 2

Max Ruby 3

The show was absolutely incredible. I went into it expecting to see the fuzzy characters of Max & Ruby as well as Grandma but I had no idea that there would be so much talent onstage. We were delighted with ballerinas and Spanish dancers and other worldly dancers. It was beautiful and went beyond my expectations!

Max Ruby 4

Willow loved the show as well. She danced and waved and shouted to Max and Ruby and every time that one of the two would leave the stage, she’d shout out for them to come back. It was really awesome to see her, and her cousin Taylor, take in the show the way that they did.

I would highly recommend this show, and future presentations by Koba Entertainment, to anyone with children. It was delightful and exceeded our expectations.

Thank you to Chris for giving us the opportunity to enter your contest and win – we had a fantastic time and will be something that is filed away into the memory box for some time to come.




Erin is a work-at-home mom with a 20-month old daughter named Willow. She and her husband Steve have been married since 2005 and they live in the suburbs of Ottawa. Erin is the co-founder of Ottawa Valley Moms, a CHEO Moms & Dads blogger, a Kellogg’s blogger, a YouTube partner, the founder of a virtual assistance company and the founder of an online marketing firm. When she isn’t working she enjoys reading, couponing, going to the movies and gardening.

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