Our African Lion Safari Adventure!

We recently went on our first family vacation of the year and part of that trip included a visit to African Lion Safari in Cambridge. While I’m sure I had been there as a child, I was excited to share the adventure with my own family and the experience did not disappoint.

We started the day off with the Safari Tour Bus ride through the game reserves. I had thought about driving my own car through the reserve but the 6 and a half hour driver there, combined with the thought of monkeys climbing all over my car made the decision an easy one. I got a little worried about 5 minutes into our visit when my son turned to me and said, “I don’t like animals”, but he changed his mind once the zebras came into view. Overall, I really enjoyed the tour bus ride and especially enjoyed this unimpressed looking giraffe.

Lion Safari Giraffe

Our next stops were a cruise aboard the “African Queen”, which was very cool, and my favourite part of the day, the Elephant Swim. It was amazing to watch the elephants marching down to the water, trunks holding the tails in front of them. Their playfulness in the water was very cool to see and they got so close that I was glad we scored front row seats.

Lion Safari Elephant Swim

After the swim, we hit the cafeteria for some lunch and then we were off to the splash pad! This was easily the kids’ favourite part of the day and who could blame them? The splash pad was fully equipped for children of all ages, with water slides, play structures and water towers. The only thing I would have suggested would be changing rooms for the guys as opposed to the one big open room, but it certainly did not detract from our time there.

Lion Safari Splash Pad

We finished off the day with a ride on the “Nature Boy” scenic railway, which capped off a great day for the whole family. After a quick pit stop in the gift shop and trying to explain to my kids the difference between $70 and $7, we were out the gates and on our way back to the hotel. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at African Lion Safari and will definitely be back again.

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