Dove Men+ Care Launches New Fatherhood Centered Campaign

Dwyane Wade Dove

I was excited (and skeptical) when I found out that Dwyane Wade and Jay Bilas had teamed up to star in Dove Men+ Care’s new line of fatherhood focused commercials. The campaign, that will air during the NCAA Basketball Tournament, shares real moments off-the-court that highlight how men care for what matters.

I was especially thrilled to find, after watching the commercials, that Dwyane and Jay weren’t portrayed as imbeciles in any way, shape or form. The commercials showed them interacting with their kids in a very real way and I found them very powerful. Kudos to Dove Men+ Care for their continued commitment to promoting fatherhood. I have attached the 4 commercials below for you to watch. Your thoughts are always welcome in the comments section.

I love everything about these commercials and hope that this is the start of a new generation of Dad commercials showing that you can still be funny without making us look ridiculous.