Dare’s Limited Edition Maple Crème

Things I Will Be Putting Maple Syrup On This Canada Day Weekend

The 150th celebration of Canada’s birthday is finally here and, naturally, I am writing about something that is on the minds and hearts of all Canadians. Maple Syrup! All Canadians love maple syrup, right? Well, to celebrate Canada’s 150th year I have secured a bottle of the finest maple syrup in the country and I wanted to share all of the uses I have planned for it this weekend!

Before we get to the list, I want to give this beautiful bottle of maple syrup its due attention. The sap for this bottle was carefully collected from a 125 year old tree by Dare, a 125 year old Canadian company, on a family owned sugar bush in Saint-Sophie-d’Halifax, Quebec. The syrup was used to make Dare’s Limited Edition Maple Crème cookies, which are shaped like maple leafs and available in stores now, and only a small amount of these maple syrup bottles were made from what was left.

As you can tell I take my maple syrup seriously and have already begun planning how I will use this special bottle this weekend. Here are just a few of the ideas I had…

1. Maple Shampoo –

Dare Maple Shampoo

Don’t you get tired of your hair smelling like lavender or spices? Think of how patriotic it would be to have hair that smelled like your country this Canada Day weekend! It’s either this or finding a beaver to carry around with you. This seems like the easier plan to me.

2. Maple Laundry Detergent –

Dare Maple Detergent

Maybe great smelling hair isn’t enough for you? Besides, why just have great smelling hair when you could soak your entire wardrobe in Canadiana? Just add a capful of this 125 year old bottle of joy to your washing machine and let the magic begin!

3. Maple Sunscreen –

Dare Maple Sunscreen

Let’s be honest, summer can get hot here in the nation’s capital and sunscreen is a must. Why have boring old sunscreen when you could have a sunscreen that not only blocks the sun but also tastes great?! (*Note – There is no scientific evidence that maple sunscreen would protect you from the sun)

4. Maple Spaghetti –

Dare Maple Spaghetti

You can’t honestly sit there and tell me you didn’t think it was a great idea when Buddy poured maple syrup all over his spaghetti in the movie Elf. Spaghetti Saturday is about to get a lot more fun this weekend!

5. Eating Dare’s Limited Edition Maple Crème cookies, of course!

Dare Maple Cookies Syrup

You can’t enjoy this syrup without tasting the very product it was created for, plus they are SHAPED LIKE MAPLE LEAVES!!! Pro-Tip: If you have some maple syrup left over after all your experimenting, why not use it as a cookie dip?? Just don’t tell the kids!

I hope you all have an amazing Canada Day weekend filled with family, fun and laughter! As a special Canada Day surprise I am also going to give away a Dare Limited Edition Maple Crème prize pack, which includes a special bottle of maple syrup for you to try! Just leave a comment below and let me know what food you would use the special maple syrup on. It can be serious, funny or downright weird and you’ll get no judgement from this guy!

Happy Canada Day!!!

Disclosure: I was compensated for my participation in this program.

Share and Inspire With #GoodNewsMonday – Canada Day Edition!

GNM Can Day

Happy Canada Day!!! I don’t know how active ‘Good News Monday’ will be today but I thought I’d put it up anyway, just in case. Please feel free to share your Good News stories below! As usual, I’ll kick it off.

Other than the fact that today is one of my favourite holidays of the year, my band has been practicing more regularly and have been focusing on writing on our music. There’s no crazy rock star dreams here, but there is a real sense of accomplishment when you finish writing and recording a song. The goal is to eventually have enough songs to put an album together and I feel like we are well on our way there.

That’s all for me. What Good News do you have today?!

Drum Kit Band

A Quick And Easy Canada Day Craft

Oh Canada Craft

Hello and Happy Canada Day Weekend! Just in case you were looking for something quick and easy to do with the kids, this Canadian Flag hand print craft would make great fridge material or could even be the perfect gift for Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa.

It’s extremely simple. Here’s what you need: Card Stock Paper; Red, Washable Paint; Paint Brush; Kids Hands; Printed Lyrics To “O Canada”; Glue.


Cut out a piece of card stock and place it in the center of a full sheet of card stock. Have the kids paint the outer edges of the full sheet, in red paint. Once done, paint the child’s hand and press down in the center of the painted card stock. Let the paint dry, and then let the child glue the lyrics to “O Canada” on the back side.

That’s it, you are done! I hope you all have an amazing Canada Day!!

Dad Blogs Exposed! – EduDad

As another month of blogging on Canadian Dad sails by, I have decided to unleash yet another feature that I hope will catch on and stick around. I have been so fortunate to have met so many great bloggers, who are all so willing to help out with anything, that I thought it would be fun to give a little back by featuring some of them on a weekly basis.

Seeing as how the Mom to Dad blog ratio is so lopsided, I thought it would be cool to highlight a few of the great Dad blogs out there so you could get to know some of us a little better. We’re really not that bad, I promise!

What better way to kick it off, than to feature a Canadian on Canada Day! I’d like to introduce you to James from the blog EduDad!

I first met James on Twitter, as I do with most of my blogging friends, where he goes by the handle @SaskaDad. He gets his Twitter name because he grew up in Nipawin, a little town in Northeastern Saskatchewan.

I guess the best way to cover all the ways James is the man, is to use his Twitter bio, where he describes himself as a Dad. Husband. Teacher. Minivan. Some hair. Some gut. Strong coffee. Guitars. Songwriter. Blogger.

One thing that really sticks out about James’ blog is the fact that he is a very talented musician. You can check out his About Me page for more info about his music career, but I’m talking about a cool feature he does, where he writes Theme Songs for other Dad Blogs that he likes. He’s done about 7 of them so far, including this one about the guys over at How To Be A Dad

Awesome right!? My favorite part about that one is his kid playing in the background.

James is a really cool Dad and is someone I consider to be a down to earth person. He has some tragedy in his life and isn’t afraid to write about it in a very open manner. He’s a super nice guy, a great writer and an amazing Dad. Oh yeah, and he’s Canadian!

I hope you’ll give his blog a read and I’ve even picked out a post for you to start at! He recently wrote a very touching piece about his daughter, who they were told would never have normal vision. The post is entitled “She Makes the Ordinary Extraordinary” and it’s well worth the read!

James, you’re an amazing Canadian, Dad, Musician and Teacher and even though we may never meet, I’m happy to know you and appreciate what you’re all about!

Happy Canada Day Folks!!!