What’s Your Canadian Beef IQ? #LoveCDNBeef

There’s few things that I am ashamed to admit about myself. For honesty’s sake, I am going to share one of those things with you all today. I am terrible with a BBQ. There, I said it!

There are hundreds of excuses I could use to justify my terrible secret but I know that the #1 reason why I can’t BBQ is because I give up way too easily. The first time I ruined a rack of ribs was the last time I attempted them. I constantly burn hamburgers & steak and I don’t even think about trying chicken on there for fear of under cooking it. I’ve even had to throw out good meat because I didn’t know how to properly store it. My apologies to the folks at Rolling Acres Farm in Shawville, Quebec for that last part. They have provided us with all our Canadian Beef for years and we love them!

I think the reasons above are the exact reason why I am a perfect fit as a Brand Ambassador for my friends at Canadian Beef. You know when you go to those fancy recipe websites and the pictures are perfect? That’s not me. In fact, I don’t even visit most of those sites anymore because they mostly only give you ingredients with no real info on HOW to cook the food. If you want a real picture from an average joe who’s trying to find his way around a BBQ, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s my latest attempt at steak:

Off To A Good Start

Mediocre Finish. Still Delicious Though!

You might be asking yourself at this point, How did this guy get asked to work with Canadian Beef? My answer would be two fold. First off, I am charming and I’m pretty sure they couldn’t resist my beefy advances. Second, I saw this as an excellent opportunity to man up and step up my game to a new level. Guess what? Not 5 seconds into my Canadian Beef experience, I had already learned a pile of new things by hanging out in the Steaks 101 section of the Canadian Beef website. If all they were going to provide me was the following photo, that would have been enough.

Fact is, I haven’t stopped learning since I clicked on the link and I am gaining more confidence with every page I visit. It’s not just steaks either, that just happens to be my favourite type of Canadian Beef. The Canadian Beef website has tons of amazing sections such as Beef 101, Recipes, Nutrition & Health info and finally, my favourite part, a Cooking Lessons page!

It’s not your average cooking lessons either as it literally takes you step by step through the preparation and cooking of your favourites cuts of Canadian Beef. For an amateur cook, this was exactly the type of direction I needed and I’m already chomping at the bit to try my hand at some new things. The next time my BBQ sees me, it’s going to meet an entirely different person!

I’ve already planned out my next mission and surprisingly it’s something I’ve never tried before: Steak & Eggs! I always see it on restaurant menus and think, “You can’t have steak for breakfast!” As it turns out, you can have steak and eggs at any time of the day and I am going to make it happen! I picked up some eggs from Burnbrae Farms and will grab my, now properly stored, steaks from the freezer and I’ll share my results with all of you, good or bad, in a later post!

You know what, I’ll probably make some Egg-Creations too! They are so easy to throw together and are always delicious, especially with bacon and cheese!! You may think all eggs are created equal too, but I assure you that Burnbrae Farms is the place to be for all your Eggalicious needs!

I hope you’ll come back to follow my Beefy journey as I attempt to go from BBQ Dud to Stud! Any and all tips or tricks are appreciated and I hope you’ll leave them in the comments section for me!

If you want more info about Canadian Beef, you can follow along with them on Twitter or you can visit the Beef Info site to get great tips, tricks and recipes! Furthermore, you can hit up Burnbrae Farms on Twitter and Facebook too!


I am participating in the Canadian Beef Ambassador Program for September. All stories and opinions are my own. That should be obvious from the fact that I admitted my BBQ ineptitude.