Dad Blogs Exposed! – Beta Dad

Welcome back to Dad Bogs Exposed! Every week I will be introducing you to a new Dad blogger and today, I’m happy to introduce you to Andy Hinds, who runs the popular blog Beta Dad!

Andy was one of the first people to really make me feel like I was a part of the online Dad blog community. All he did was have a Twitter conversation with me but for most new bloggers, that’s all we really looking for. You spend a lot of time staring at your empty interactions page when you start up and it was cool of him to fill mine up a bit!

Andy is father to twin 3 year old girls, who go by the pseudonym’s of Butterbean and Cobra on the blog. At least I hope that’s their pseudonym’s….His writing has slowed down a bit since he’s rejoined the workforce but I’m guessing it’s tough to find a balance between it all, especially with twins.

You can add to that, the fact that he can also be found writing at the collaborative Dad blog DadCentric and also over at the popular blog, Aiming Low, and you can see where life would start to get a little busy.

Now, let’s get into the awesomeness that is Beta Dad! First things first, Check out this header from his website, which features his girls stomping through downtown Toyko. I knew from that moment that this was a site I was going to enjoy!

Andy is not your prototypical Dad blogger. On top of posting about his kids and family life in a sincere way, he is also not afraid to take on bigger topics, such as his thoughts on kids using the word Hate and his take on people (and brands) who think Parenting is a Job.

It’s refreshing to read someone who isn’t afraid to just tell it like it is, or at least how he sees it. I’ve dabbled in this format but I’m still trying to find my voice so I can respect how hard it is to put yourself out there like that. It’s not easy to take criticism for things you’ve written but Andy always answers the call when it happens.

Much like every other Dad blogger I talk to on the internet, I’ve never met Andy, but my interactions with him so far have been nothing but great. He seems like a nice guy and I’m happy to have stumbled upon his work. The one thing he’ll never be accused of is being a fake, that’s for sure.

He made a joke a while back that I was out to steal all the Dad bloggers jobs. Probably because Canada has a small Dad blog market, so I tend to get a lot of calls from the media. Funny how things work out that just over a month later I was trolling on Twitter and noticed his most recent work…This interview and post on HLN TV!!

Way to go Andy, you’re raising the bar for the rest of us and I, for one, accept your challenge! I look forward to fighting the good fight with you for more years to come!

If you guys are so inclined, I urge you to catch up with Andy on his home site Beta Dad. You can also find him on Twitter @BetaDad and also on Facebook.

As always, don’t forget to leave some love for our guest in the comments section. I can’t even guarantee that he’ll read this post but I’ll spam him until he does and I’m sure he’ll appreciate the kind words (or hate mail) 😀


Dad Blogs Exposed! – Busy Dad Blog

After a great response from my first Dad Blogs Exposed feature, I’ve decided that this one is here to stay!

This week I want to introduce you to one of my favorite Dad Bloggers. Jim Lin is the Dad/Blogger/Ninja behind the very popular Busy Dad Blog!

Jim is a very active father of two kids and is relentlessly funny! Busy Dad was one of the very first Dad Blogs I came across and is one of the reasons I decided to start blogging in the first place.

One of my favorite parts of the Busy Dad Blog is the Lunchbox Daily feature that Jim does. Everyday, he draws a picture on his son’s lunchbox before he sends him off to school. The pictures are seriously bad-ass and only further prove my point about how cool it must be to have him for a Dad! Here’s a Sneak Peek at one of the amazing pictures!

Amazing right? Not that he wants people stealing his ideas but if you can draw and want to do something like this, he gets his supplies from the fine folks at Mabel’s Labels! Don’t worry Jim, I have NO drawing skills whatsoever, so your feature is safe my from site!

In sports, Jim would be considered your classic “5 Tool” player. No, I’m not calling him a tool! His posts range from funny, intelligent, sincere & downright ridiculous at times! He makes great videos, such as this one of his baby doing the popular sport of Parkour!

I think the only thing he’s not doing at this point is producing a Podcast and I’m not even sure that he isn’t doing that! It would definitely be worth checking out if he is though, lol!

One of the most important things I’ve noticed about Jim is that he seems like a genuinely nice human being. He doesn’t know me from the next Canadian Dad Blogger but he always treats me with respect in all of our interactions on Twitter, email or even on his blog.

Jim is a testament to the Dad blogging community and I really encourage you to check out his page. That sounds a little butt-kissy but I mean it, he’s a really cool dude!

You can catch up with Jim on Twitter @BusyDadBlog and on Facebook. He also writes at the Pop Culture site Mama Pop.

I hope you enjoyed today’s feature! Feel free to leave Jim any love messages in the comments section and I hope you’ll come back and visit again!