Nabob Respect The Bean

The Cure For Spice-ititis

The crisp air hits my face like a dump truck at full speed and the snow crunches under my boots while the kids laugh and make as many snowmen as the sprinkle of snow will allow. Winter is here, my friends, and there are a lot of happy faces around here.

One of my favourite things about Christmas are all the lights and decorations that brighten up our homes and our streets. It seems no matter what kind of mood you are in, you can’t help but hum along when you are surrounded by the holiday music and Christmas cheer!

I do my fair share of decorating during the holiday season, too. Lights inside and outside of the house, the Christmas tree and more. My wife, bless her heart, replaces all the cups, plates, blankets, couch pillows, fridge magnets and basically anything else you can Christmas-ticize. We are a festive family and we go all out over here, but there is one thing we will not decorate this holiday season and that thing is our coffee.

In this day of the Super Santa Spice Frappuccino and the Triple Swirl Mocha Whipped Latte, we prefer to keep things simple by sticking to the bean that got us hooked in the first place. There’s something comforting to me about brewing a nice strong cup of coffee, huddling up in front of the fireplace and watching the snow fall through the branches of our Christmas tree, that no amount of whipped cream or chocolate sauce can duplicate.

This holiday season, I urge you to try this. Grab some Nabob Coffee, brew yourself a pot and take some time to sit, relax and enjoy the quiet. Respect the bean and enjoy your coffee as it was intended to be enjoyed. After all, decorating is for trees, not coffee.

Disclosure: I was compensated for my participation in this program. The ideas and opinions in this post are my own. Don’t act so surprised that I know how to work a video camera!