On Sportsmanship And Teaching Your Children To Be Amazing Human Beings

Basketball Coach

It’s not often that a YouTube video causes me to burst into tears, but this one did it. I don’t know if it’s because it made me think about all the values my late father instilled in me or because it was exactly how I want my kids to turn out. I know this, for the senior in this video to have the awareness to do what he did, he has to have an incredibly kind heart.

I can only hope that I can teach my children to be as kindhearted and self aware as the boy in this video. I’m sure you’ve probably seen this video by now but I felt like it needed a little more airplay to help inspire us all to not only try to be better to each other but also to teach the next generation to do the same. We all have the ability to be amazing but I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface of our potential yet!

I hope this video inspires you as much as it has me.