Ottawa ComicCon Is Closing In!

Well, colour me geeked out and excited because Ottawa ComicCon is only a couple days away and I can’t wait to take it all in! I missed last year’s event due to a sweeping family illness but have created multiple backup plans for this year.

The 2nd Annual Ottawa ComicCon kicks off Friday, May 10th at 2pm and runs until 5pm on Sunday, May 12th. I realize that this is Mother’s Day but if the kids were to make Mommy a Princess Leia costume, she couldn’t possibly say no to at least trying it on, right?

Of the stars in attendance, I am most excited to see Gillian Anderson, Billy Dee Williams and of course, blogger, actor and father, Wil Wheaton. I was introduced to the blogging side of Wil Wheaton through his hilarious encounter with The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson, but it’s his love for table top games that has me following him. You know, online, not literally… I have every intention of challenging Mr. Wheaton to a game of CandyLand, in hopes of avenging my loss to Harlem Globetrotter, Buckets Blakes. I’ll keep you informed on the status of this challenge as the weekend rolls on.

Are you planning on heading down to the Ernst & Young Centre for the show? If so, let me know who you are most excited to see and why? You can get more info on the 2nd Annual Ottawa ComicCon by visiting their Official Website and don’t forget to tweet me @CanadianDadBlog while you are there so I can come and say hi! You never know who might show up…

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