Gangnam Style Has Taken Over My Toddlers

Gangnam Style

I have never been annoyed by the Gangnam Style song, even though it has been on YouTube for about 7 months and has been redone and parodied thousands of times over. This is probably a good thing considering the fact that my children have recently developed an unhealthy obsession with singing and performing all of the dance moves.

It’s a weird phenomenon to see their reaction when the song starts playing. It doesn’t matter what they happen to be doing at that exact moment, they stop and immediately start dancing. Oddly enough, the same thing happens to me…

Anyway, my son beat me at Candy Land last night and instead of the customary “Good Game” handshake we have taught him, he burst into his Gangnam Style routine, which made me forgive his poor sportsmanship. I figured I wouldn’t be doing my duty as a parent if I had not taped a little bit of his Gangnam rendition, you know, for later wedding use. Enjoy!