What Is Your Favourite Subway Sub?

My family are subaholics. You know those nights where you just don’t feel like cooking, or you have 40 minutes to eat and get the kids to soccer practice? Instead of hot dogs or PB&J, we always pop over to Subway for a quick bite. I mostly blame Happy Gilmore for this obsession. I also have to admit that I get unreasonably excited when I go to an event or party and see the Subway sandwich platters on the tables. Whatever, you like weird things too!

We all have our go-to subs and I’ve always wondered if other people were the same way. The kids split a meatball sub, my wife gets a tuna, extra mayo and I am a chicken bacon ranch kind of guy. Oh yeah, and cookies. Always, cookies. That said, I put the question to you guys…

What is your go-to sub from Subway?