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9 Gifts Dad Would Love To Receive This Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is right around the corner and that means it’s that time of year where my family ignores my request of not getting me anything and present me with some very cool personalized gifts. I actually love that they don’t go the traditional route of just getting me a new tie and actually put some thought into the gifts they give. Anyone who has ever seen their child’s face light up with excitement as they watch you open their personalized gift knows what I’m talking about.

It got me thinking about all the cool little shops out there that help people like myself come up with great personalized gifts and then I stumbled onto Etsy and got lost for hours in a sea of very cool custom gifts. It was so cool that I decided to make a list of the Top 9 things I would love to receive as gifts for Father’s Day. I hope you enjoy the list and please feel free to let me know what you do for your husband/father for Father’s Day!

9. Custom Softball Art

Etsy Custom Softball Art

This one is kind of sentimental for me as my father and I had a very strong bond in large part due to playing softball.

8. Superhero Art

Superhero Art

This one is kind of selfish but I love anything superhero related and it’s nice to pretend sometimes!

7. Custom Watercolor Art

Custom Watercolor Art

This one was just so cool and different that I had to include it on the list. I would love to hang this in my office.

6. Hero Dad Desk Block

Dad Hero Block

Are we back to the hero theme? Yes. Do I feel bad? Nope!

5. Master & Apprentice Shirts

Master Apprentice Shirt

This one is kind of self explanatory, no?

4. Custom Wallet Insert/Keychain

Custom Wallet Insert Keychain

I keep my wallet pretty lean and this is one of the coolest original gifts I’ve seen. See what I did there?

3. Custom Beer Carrier/Opener

Custom Beer Carrier Opener

If you’ve ever carried three beers over to your neighbour’s house, you’d understand why this is so cool.

2. Personalized Scotch Glass & Case

Custom Scotch Glass Dad

I was sold on this one based on the case alone, so to get an amazing custom glass with it is outstanding!

1. Kids Art on Mug

Custom Kids Art Mug

I’m actually so excited to walk around my office with my kids at on a mug that I may buy this before Father’s Day!

I hope you enjoyed my list and possibly grabbed an idea or two for your own husband or father. Please note before you buy anything that these are Etsy affiliate links but I hand picked all of these things because I love them and any purchases you make help support these great home made businesses. Happy Early Father’s Day!


Celebrate Mother’s Day With A Gift Card From Zazzle!

Zazzle is an online marketplace where you can custom design nearly anything-from phone cases to jewelry, and I am teaming up with them to help you with your Mother’s Day gift shopping! As someone who has frequented Zazzle’s services in the past, I am consistently impressed with the quality of their products. I even committed the faux pas of wearing my own band’s t-shirt back in the day because it was so nice!

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, and as someone who isn’t always the best at coming up with ideas, I thought it was great that Zazzle has organized their site to show you a whole bunch of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. The item shown above was chosen off the Zazzle website by my children and given to my wife for her birthday last week. The excited giggles from the kids as she opened the necklace were enough to keep me coming back time and again. We chose Zazzle again for our Mother’s Day gift and while I’m not going to tell you what we’ve chosen, for obvious reasons, the kids and I are really excited for mommy to open it! There’s just something special about personalized items and Zazzle has everything you need for any occasion.

In order to help make your Mother’s or Father’s Day extra special this year, Zazzle is offering one of my readers a $50 Gift Card! Just follow the steps below in order to enter and I will draw a winner on April 29th. Good Luck!!

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Disclosure: I received compensation for my participation in this program.