The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide! What Mom Really Wants


I know, it’s strange for a Dad to post a list of what Mom’s really want for Mother’s Day but I promise you that I have done my research. I thought instead of creating an actual list, I would just directly quote the answers I got from the Moms out there and create the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Dads, it’s time to pay attention. I asked Moms what they really wanted for Mother’s Day and here is what they had to say!

“To be left alone for the whole day. No “Moooommy so and so smacked me”. No diaper changes. No cooking (I really hate cooking). I don’t care about the whole breakfast in bed thing. Just cook dinner so I don’t have to! And I like to spend the day playing Scrabble and cribbage with my mom.”

“Honestly? Just a day “off!!” I spend my day at home with my kids, and I also run a home daycare. I love what I do, but the break from the noise and the physical demands of working with the little ones would be really nice. Sometimes I just need some me time! That being said, it wouldn’t feel right to spend Mother’s Day without my own kids, so after a day of just doing my own thing (shopping? mani/pedi?) I want to come home to an ordered in dinner and hang out with my husband and my 1 and 4 year olds, watch a couple of family friendly movies and just chill.”

“That’s easy…an extra 30 minutes of sleep followed by an uninterrupted shower…out to brunch with the family…them being sent away to meet a few girlfriends for a light lunch & pedicure.”

“Let me sleep in till 10 am. Bring me a coffee and something delicious to eat (involving bacon) then we go for a nature walk together. I am at a movie or cafee relaxing and when I come home the house is clean.”


“No kids.. peace, take out, a good book, candles, and all phones, electronics, and any other way anyone on earth can get a hold of me turned off. ( Can you tell I am craving a break?)”

“For the house to be dog one asking me for food or snacks…not having to cook any meals…sleeping in for 1 hr…really..i just want a peaceful home…”

“Waking up and spending some time with my boys; then heading out to a movie with MY mom, and back home for a BBQ (cooked by hubby) As for a gift, anything the boys make is great for me.”

“Anything that I don’t have to plan myself.”

“A sleep in, breakfast in bed, flowers and then an outdoors outing with my family-like a hike and a picnic. Togetherness”.

“A pandora charm, breakfast in bed, spa day, lots of crafts from the kids. I don’t want to lift a finger.”

“Cleaning Service!”

“Someone who does the things that they tell me not to do that day. Rather than everything just waiting for me anyway, ie, dinner cooked, kitchen cleaned, laundry done and put away etc. A ‘day off’ only nice if work is actually done.”

“Afternoon tea with my mom and daughter. We did it last year and it was great. We later came home to supper cooked by DH and DS. I’m hoping for a repeat!!”

There you have it, fellas! While 1 in 10 Moms wants a flashy Pandora bracelet, most just want to have some time to themselves to unwind, without having to worry about cooking and cleaning. So do your wife a favour and send her to the spa or to the movies with some of her friends, clean the house, make some crafty gifts with the kids, then fire up the BBQ and cook a nice dinner. THEN let her enjoy an after dinner coffee while you put the kids to bed. Let’s give Mom the perfect day that she deserves.

Hey Moms, did I miss anything? Leave your list in the comments and help us Dads get it right!