Hey Aerosmith, You Owe Us A Show!

I’ve never taken part in a campaign to bring a band to town before. Frankly, I’ve never really cared enough to bother or have in fact been far too lazy to make any sort of effort.

I saw a post on Facebook that caught my eye the other day and decided to jump on board. I mean, who wouldn’t want Aerosmith to roll through their town!

Aerosmith was booked to play a concert in Ottawa (My Hometown) on Sept 5, 2009. The show was understandably cancelled after Steven Tyler broke his left shoulder and cracked his noggin’ after falling off the stage at the Sturgis Biker Rally in August.

Aerosmith never did play Ottawa after that.

Their newly announced tour takes them to Toronto on June 27th and Laval, Quebec on July 10th- but NO Ottawa!! Do you agree that Aerosmith owes us a show? If so, Sign up at our Facebook Page here, and please Share, Share, Share

The thought of missing out on Steven Tyler’s Leather Panted, Leopard Print Extravaganza brings tears to my eyes and the eyes of many other Ottawans!

Please help us in reminding Mr. Tyler and the rest of his crew that we’ve spent the last 3 years waiting for this tour to come back our way and we will not stop pestering them until it does!

You don’t have to be from Ottawa to take part, simply click the tweet box below and help us bring Steven Tyler and his microphone handkerchief collection to our forgotten town!

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Here’s what we want to see! Please Help!!!