Sailun Tires ~ With You Through Every Turn


I’m happy to be partnering up with Sailun Tires on a new program to put their tires to the test. When shopping for tires, there are three things that I look for above all others; Quality, Safety & Value, and Sailun Tires promises to deliver all three.

As someone who has been let down by his previous tire manufacturer, I am really excited to put the Sailun brand to the test. Just last year a faulty tire left me and my children stranded at the side of the road and it was an extremely unpleasant and helpless experience. There is nothing I would love more than to know that my family is completely safe while we are out on the road.


Sailun Tires manufactures and distributes various types of passenger and light truck, medium radial truck, and off-the-road tires in all major markets throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Sailun’s international teams have the ability, knowledge and long term strategies to expand in the tire industry.

Building on real world testing and continuing to develop a motorsports proven product, Sailun will continue to build the most advanced and cost-efficient platform for tire manufacturing and distribution, while utilizing its information technology and substantial research platform to help establish new tire enterprises.


PTPA Winner Seal

I think it’s also important to note that Sailun Tires are also the recipients of the PTPA Award. The PTPA’s seal is one of the most publicized and highly recognized award seals in North America, and whenever I see it, I know that I am getting a high quality product.

I will also be joining the PTPA and Sailun Tires in Brampton on June 12th for the Sailun Tires Summer Track Event, where I will get a chance to test out the tires first hand. I hope you’ll check back in to read about my experience and to check out the great giveaway we have planned for you!


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