PercyVites – Invites That Delight And Excite!

My kids think the internet is hilarious. From Gangnam Style to obscure Super Mario videos, it has just about everything they could ask for. The one thing they love more than anything else, however, is to see themselves in videos. That’s why I was stoked to take PercyVites for a test drive.

PercyVites is a cool new website that allows you to send out video invitations, thank you’s and also lets you create photo compilations of memorable occasions. The best part about it, is that you get to be a part of the action, by uploading your photos to be included in the videos with your child’s favourite character. Parents can also manage all the part details by tracking RSVP’s, communicating with the attendees and map your party for the guests. Check out this short video that explains what PercyVites are all about!

I made a video compilation of my daughter’s Rapunzel birthday party and love how it turned out! More importantly, she has now watched it about 3,000 times and keeps asking for more. In case you are looking for return on investment, the smile on her face is enough for me to know it is worth my while.

Percy Vites Julia Party

Here are a few more details about PercyVites:

* Your child’s photo can be embedded directly into a video with their favourite character. And new characters are being added all the time and will appeal to a broad range of ages and stages.
* Prices range from $0.69-$2.99 each depending on the individual character and product.
* Invitations can be used for any type of event.
* Thank yous can be used for any type of messaging, and they provide a fun and teachable moment about thanking people too.
* Photo compilations can be used for birthdays or as a fun way to share your family photos with friends and relatives, near or far!

That’s all for today! I give PercyVites two thumbs up and hope you’ll consider them for your next birthday party or children’s event! You can catch up with PercyVites on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well!

Disclosure: I was compensated in exchange for my honest opinion about PercyVites. Everything I wrote is 100% accurate and truthful.