Blog Soup – Week Of October 22nd

Each week, Blog Soup will highlight some of my favourite posts from other bloggers around the interweb.

1. That’s What She Said: The Hammer Itself Is Not Evil by Schmutzie – One of the best things about my time at Blissdom Canada in Toronto, was getting a chance to meet some of the amazing bloggers I have been following for so many months. One of the bloggers I was fortunate enough to meet, Schmutzie (Elan Morgan), is also the owner of one of my favourite blogs. This post includes the first video in her new series, That’s What She Said, and discusses her initiative to raise $2000, by her 40th Birthday, in support of funding water projects in Rwanda. It’s a great cause and I hope you’ll stop by to read more about it. (PS – She was as cool in person as I imagined her to be)

2. Things We Do Like The Dickens by Whit Honea – Whit is one of my favourite writers. The way he can twist the mundane every day moments into inspiring posts, is something I admire and hope to learn from. This post is just a small example of his excellence.

3. Why Can’t I Stop Worrying by Kissing the Frog – One of my favourite things about blogging and reading blogs, is when you find a new blog that knocks you on your ass. That’s what happened when I read this post by Kathy at Kissing the Frog, as she describes the similarities between her 16 month old son and the 6 yo son she lost in 2010. I’m not what you would call a “manly” man but for whatever reason, it takes a lot for me to cry. This one did that to me.

That’s all for this week! I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I did.


Dad Blogs Exposed! – Honea Express

This week I’d like to introduce you to Whit Honea, who started his Dad blog, Honea Express, way back in 2005 before Dad blogging was cool.

One of the first things I read by Whit was his post entitled “When Stuffed Animals Die” and from that moment, I was hooked! Not surprisingly, that post also got him named as a BlogHer Voices of the Year winner.

The thing I like about Whit is that he isn’t afraid to show his emotions. In fact, he himself will admit that “Every time I speak about my kids on a conference panel I wind up crying in front of everyone”. It absolutely shows in his mesmerizing posts about his family.

His writing skills are beyond anything I could dream of achieving in my lifetime, which I why I like to read his stuff and take away as much as I can. After all, there’s a reason why he’s been published by the likes of Babble, AOL, BabyCenter, The Stir, MamaPop, The Disney Blog, CBS: Los Angeles, Man of the House, UpTake & Orbitz…..Yeah, that’s a lot of writing.

Another great thing about Whit is that you can tell he cares about the people that read and take the time to comment on his stuff. The way he responds to the comments on his site and his twitter feed (@WhitHonea) show how invested he is in his craft.

Just in case writing for his own blog and the others I mention wasn’t enough, you can also catch Whit writing over at DadCentric, co-owning a production company called Limey Yank Productions and oh yeah, working on a book! Here’s an excerpt from his blog.

Not too busy though, right? I can barely find the time to write 3 posts a week so reading all of these jobs is a little overwhelming to comprehend. The best thing is that his work clearly isn’t suffering from it.

Most recently, Whit was involved in The New Face Of Dad campaign from Philips Norelco. It’s a great campaign that showcases some great Dads and really captures the way most Dads feel about parenthood. Here’s the full New Face Of Dad video and you can check out Honea Express for Whit’s personal video.

I really hope you take a few minutes to check out Whit’s blog, Honea Express, I promise you won’t be disappointed. You can also find him on Twitter @WhitHonea and on his Facebook Page. He’s also got an upcoming project with Limey Yank Productions that will be going live soon.

You can also let him know you popped in by showing him some love in the comment section below.

That wraps up another edition of Dad Blogs Exposed! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Til next time!