Disney Infinity ~ Review

As someone who has played video games for his entire life, I have been salivating over the release of Disney Infinity since it was first announced. We finally got our hands on a copy and, not to ruin the suspense, my son loved it!

I’m not going to lie, we were so excited to open it up and start playing, that I took zero pictures of the experience. Watching my kids’ faces light up as they watched the intro video would have been enough for me to recommend the game to people and we hadn’t even played it yet. They just stared in amazement as all their favourite characters appeared on the screen and it reminded me of the magic that Disney brings into our lives.

My son is only five, so it took him a little longer to figure out the buttons and object of the game but by the second time he played, he was a seasoned pro. The thing I like most about this game compared to most others is that it allows kids to explore lands and teaches them to figure out situations by themselves, without the fear of their character dying before they have a chance to solve a problem.

Obviously the other benefit, and slight detraction as a parent, is that you can purchase all of their favourite characters, which all do different things. The detraction, obviously, is the cost of new characters for the parents. Birthdays and Christmas are an easy way to counteract the hit on your wallet and this game is totally worth the investment, in my opinion.

Oh, and yes, I let my kids play video games, especially when they can play something like this game that opens up their imagination and let’s them create whatever they want. We set specific times and lengths that they can play and it works well for us.

There you have it, Disney Infinity is an excellent alternative to all the good vs evil games out there and will open up your child’s creativity in an amazing way. Now if you’ll excuse me, there are new characters coming out in a week and I need to check the couch for spare change…

Disclosure: A copy of the game was provided to me to facilitate this review.