Throwback Thursday ~ The Hardy Boys

Frank and Joe Hardy were staples in my young reading days. When I say “staples”, I mean they were the only books I read as a child. That probably had everything to do with the fact that my father seemed to own every single book that was ever published in the series. That, and the fact that I hated Shakespeare and refused to read his books in school. There’s also a direct correlation between that and my failing Grade 12 English twice…

I can’t remember much from the books themselves except that one of the books pictured above, “The House on the Cliff”, was my go-to Hardy Boys mystery. In an attempt to force these books on my kids someday, I have started scooping them up whenever I see them at garage sales. I can’t imagine they hold up to the likes of Iron Man and Game of Thrones but I am sure going to try to get them to at least try it out.

For some fun facts, you should check out their Wikipedia page. I learned a lot about the series that I hadn’t known about, such as the fact that beginning in 1959, the books were extensively revised, largely to eliminate racial stereotypes. Anyway, I loved these books and felt like throwing them some love today.

What were your go-to books as a child?

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  1. Georgia Read
    Georgia Read says:

    Just for the record on older folks reading I loved Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys when I was younger!!

  2. Emily
    Emily says:

    Ah the Hardy Boys. I liked the girl equivalents: Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew. Thanks for the reminders – time to make some holds at the library for the kiddos!

  3. Creed
    Creed says:

    My nostalgia bone just got all tingly. I read ALL these things. I always wondered why Frank and Joe hadn’t suffered some sort of brain encephalitis from constantly being knocked unconscious! Of course, I wonder that NOW…not when I was 10…

    Still have entire hard copy set at my parents’ house!


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