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I’m proud to announce a new partnership on the blog. I’d like to welcome and thank my friends at CardSwap for becoming the latest Canadian Dad sponsor. I have been a fan of their service for a while, which made teaming up with them an easy decision.

For those of you who are not familiar with them, Cardswap is Canada’s #1 resource for selling, buying and donating gift cards. You know those gift cards you get every year and think, “I will literally never use this”, but you are too afraid to tell the giver of the card? CardSwap makes it easy for you to turn those cards into cash. On top of that, for every transaction you make with them, you collect points that can be redeemed for more gift cards!

CardSwap Offer

CardSwap carries gift cards featuring more than 450 retailers, including Esso, HBC, Winners, Canadian Tire and more, with new gift cards added daily. They also have the highest offers I’ve seen for your gift cards. If you’ve ever used a Kijiji or Craig’s List to try to sell your cards, you know that 50% offers are the norm. Through CardSwap, I just got $21 for my $25 card (I can’t name the store in case the giver reads this, lol).

Thanks again to CardSwap for supporting Canadian Dad! You can check out CardSwap on Facebook and Twitter as well!


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