Attention Poolies! “The League” is Back For Season 4!

This is another one of those moments where I reveal a part of myself that most of you don’t know about. It’s a darker side of me that tends to take over my life for months at a time and makes me do things I am usually not proud of.

I am a poolie. That’s right. I am a hardcore, multi-sport fantasy sports fanatic and there is nothing I can do about it. In fact, even if there was something I could do about it, I probably wouldn’t. I just love the thrill of being the fake owner of an all-star sports franchise!

Never had my obsession been more over the top than the minute I discovered the TV show, The League. This show is about a group of friends who are all in a fantasy football league together and quickly became my favourite show on television; sorry Big Brother.

The best part about my new found obsession was that I found the show at the end of season 2, which meant I got to watch 2 full seasons in a 3 day marathon. Anyone who has had this joyous experience will agree with me that it is the best way to watch a show!

Anyway, back to the show! Season 4 begins Thursday, October 11th at 10:30 on FX and I am so excited that I most likely won’t sleep tonight. Sad, I know, but very true! The best part about this show is that you don’t have to be a fan of fantasy sports to be a fan of this show. If you like funny, this show brings it hardcore!

Check out one of the trailers below and also an interview with cast member Nick Kroll, who plays Ruxin on the show.

The really funny stuff is blocked from embedding for some reason but I promise you, if you watch this show you will laugh your ass off. Honestly, I just want more people to talk to about it because I don’t know a lot of people who are watching this and that makes me sad.

I’m pretty sure the first two seasons are on Netflix and after watching season 3 on Blu-Ray, I can say that the extra content/gag reels are almost funnier than the actual show. These guys have no filters and that’s what I appreciate most about it.

I’m not going to beg you to watch this or to buy the DVD/Blu-Ray’s but just check it out and then come to thank me here or on twitter, because you will! After you buy the DVD’s you will thank me even harder and will then owe me gifts and cash!

If you already watch this show, what is your favourite episode? I think mine is the very first episode, only because I wasn’t expecting anything and got blown away by how funny it was.


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