A Dad’s Take On Baby Showers For @MunchkinCanada

I know what you’re thinking, “What does a Dad know about Baby Showers?” You’re probably right, I don’t know much about planning or attending any type of shower, other than the one I visit every morning before work.

You caught me, I am not Super Dad. For all the whining I do about wanting equality for Dads in the media and on Television, I am not a fan of showery gatherings. That’s not to say I don’t like receiving presents, because I do. I just don’t enjoy the “signing up” and “planning” part of the process.

I do appreciate that the stores we register at have made it a little more fun for Dads by providing us with a laser gun to tag our items with. Unfortunately, we are usually still not allowed to run around shooting everything we see and apparently it is frowned upon to pretend we are setting our phaser’s to stun and pointing them at random shoppers.

All that said, I am smart enough to realize that as a first time parent, you rely on a lot of the things you receive at a baby shower and sometimes the silliest things are the most useful. If it’s alright with you guys, I’d like to mention a few products that were life savers for my wife and I.

Probably the single greatest thing we received and still use to this day, would be our Nursery Sound Projector. Yes, it wakes you up in the middle of the night but it also lets you hear all of the amazing sounds your children make. The cooing, tooting and even some of their first words, these are things that you will not soon forget. Here’s some info on Munchkin Canada’s Nursery Projector & Sound System:


A voice-activated system with soothing sounds, dreamy images and a comforting nightlight that helps provide an ideal sleep environment – because getting baby to sleep quickly is the stuff that dreams are made of. It’s the little things®.

Product Features

* 10 soothing sounds, including Mozart, lullabies, and white noise
* 3 image discs
* Rotating projector head allows for projection onto the ceiling or wall
* Voice activation feature allows baby to self-soothe
* Optional nightlight and 3 timer settings let Mom customize for baby


Next up for me would be child safety and with a day care now running out of my home, we are dependent on our Baby Gates. We actually have 3 gates in our place and I don’t know where we’d be without them! Munchkin Canada offers a variety of baby gates but this one is my favourite, mostly for the cool colours!


Product Features

* Gate locks shut with just a simple push
* Use EveryPlace™ in the home – top of stairs, bottom of stairs, between rooms
* Double-locking system on handle is easy for adults to use, but difficult for a child
* Optional third lock at base of gate offers added safety
* Steel U-shaped power frame keeps gate securely in place
* Extra-wide 21.5” walkthrough allows for easy in and out access
* Extends up to 54” with additional extensions (sold separately)
* Door swings open in both directions


Last but not least, especially with multiple young children in your house, something has to be done about the smell! Diapers are everywhere and anyone who has ever used a garbage can to dispose of a pile of them will tell you that it was not a smart idea. That’s why it’s ultra important that the first thing you put on your shower registry when you find out you are pregnant, is a Diaper Pail! Not baby books or bedding or even clothes, go with the Diaper Pail, it will save your house from those very unsavory odours!

In fact, we love the Munchkin Canada Diaper Pail so much that we bought a second one for our basement. I love the fact that it releases a blast of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda with each open and close of the unit. Here’s some more info on the Pail:



   Product Features:

* Powered by odour-eliminating baking soda
* Patented self-sealing system seals the bag as the lid closes
* Easy from start to finish – one handed use
* Just Snap, Seal and Toss bags to dispose
* Comes fully assembled and with 3 bag refills




Don’t believe the photos, just check out this Diaper Pail Demo for smell reducing awesomeness!

As you can see, while baby showers are a ton of work, the end results can provide you with hours of un-smelly enjoyment. In the meantime, for my male readers, you go right ahead and continue setting those phasers to stun because your important time will come sooner than you think!

Before I go, I also have a quick question for you all. What is your must have item as a parent?

I want to thank Munchkin Canada for letting me be a part of their first blog campaign and I look forward to what they have in store for us down the road. If you get a second, I encourage you to check in with them on their Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also go right to their website at www.munchkinbaby.ca for product information and more!


This just in! Munchkin Canada is going to be unleashing an amazing giveaway very shortly. It is such a huge secret that they wouldn’t even tell me what it is and would only share that you should be watching their Facebook page for more details!

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  1. Nolie
    Nolie says:

    We have that baby gate. Love the colours and the ease of use especially when you have older kids. However got to be VERY careful. That is the gate that bit off Little Brother’s fingertip.


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