Kids School Teacher

We’re trying, I promise. We even created a fancy, colour coded schedule in the early weeks that we were definitely going to stick to, with no exceptions! At least 3 hours of that schedule was dedicated to making sure the kids focused on learning and it absolutely worked…for a while at least. 

To your credit, you held up your end of the bargain. Zoom classes, website subscriptions and enough work to keep them busy but not so much that they were drowning in it. For that, we are grateful. The thing is, as we got deeper into this and the sun started shining brighter each day, the days started to get away from us.

Spending hours on my own trying to learn how to multiply fractions and decimals got tiring, and honestly, a little embarrassing. There’s also the learning curve of using Google Classroom. I’m sorry my son has attached his work in the wrong lesson (multiple times) and my daughter hasn’t figured out how to type in the document as opposed to printing it out and sending a photo. Just more reasons why we are thankful to have you in our kids’ lives when things aren’t so strange in the world.

Still, I think we have done alright. Sure, maybe we skip a Zoom or assignment here or there to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, and maybe our well-intentioned schedule now includes a little bit of Fortnite time, but we are still doing our best to get most of the work done. The rubber band paper airplane assignment was cool, and the cardboard box restaurant is coming along quite nicely.

Rubber Band Paper Airplane

Oh, and remember gymnastics? So that’s still happening at a pretty heavy clip, which I think we can agree will qualify for gym class. We have also apparently covered art class as the kids have not only started creating their own escape rooms but are also making slime all the time, which is great because I get to clean up glue and glitter from all over my house!

Gymnast Bars Handstand

All this to say, thank you for sticking with the kids and not giving us a hard time about not having it all figured out. I’m not sure what is going to happen in the months to come but know that we appreciate your efforts even if we flake out at times. Now if you could just forward me the answer sheets to the next math assignment, that would be great…