I have lived in my current house for 10 years and haven’t really put a solid effort into my lawn, well, ever… You can only imagine my excitement as I have watched my lawn go from a mix of dirt and very dead grass to an almost entirely green and thick patch! Yes, we are still working at it and isn’t perfect but it is still green and growing!

Because of our late winter this year, and, you know, the virus, my 2nd of 3 fertilizer treatments didn’t go on until late June but that gave me plenty of time to dig out my neighbour’s weeds and to get our garden in order. Even though these are the first 2 feedings our lawn has had in years, the results after a diligent watering schedule have been amazing, even with the crazy amount of heat we’ve had so far.

Fertilizer Canada Fix Lawn 1

Although we do have a small space compared to the gigantic single homes in our neighbourhood, there are many environmental benefits to keeping your lawn thick and green. Soil absorbs carbon from the air, which helps reduce carbon emissions and helps in tackling climate change. A healthy lawn also has incredible cooling powers, meaning on those really hot days, the kids can still get outside and have some fun without completely overheating. 

You can see the difference in the pictures between this and my last blog entry after our first fertilizer application. We will be doing one more application in the Fall and taking direction from Fertilizer Canada on how to make sure that by next summer we have an even healthier looking space.

We have big plans for next year as we are thinking about incorporating a small vegetable garden in the backyard. It seemed a bit too ambitious with so much to learn this summer but as our confidence grows, so do our ambitions! Stay tuned for more updates on Operation: Bring Lawn Back To Life, and as always, please feel free to share your lawn tips and tricks with me either here or on any of my social media platforms!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fertilizer Canada.

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