It seems hard to believe but 6 months after schools abruptly closed, it is almost time to get the kids back into the classroom. With that, comes one of the underrated joys of school for parents; the school picture! That’s right, picture day at school is one of the few memories from those early days that lasts forever.

I love going through my old school photos whenever I visit my parents’ house. It also serves as a helpful reminder to my kids that the style choices they make as preteens and teenagers can either bring them great amounts of pride, or in my case, hilarious shame as they get older. I mean, nothing says style and grace like uncombed hair, parted in the middle, with a Mr. Happy t-shirt, am I right?!

School Photo 3

I will say that despite the 4-5 years of hilariously awkward school photos, I am glad that I still have them all these years later to look at. I do wish we had had a system like Edge Imaging, however, for not only when I was young, but also for my own kids’ first years. Edge Imaging is Canada’s largest and most secure school photography provider and they securely archive student photos on their Canadian servers so it’s never too late for parents to order. This eliminates the rush to get the order in and allows parents to revisit their selections at a later date. 

As for my personal preference (although my wife would likely vehemently disagree), I like the photos that don’t necessarily turn out looking as pristine as everyone else’s. It makes for a great conversation topic later in life and perfect fodder for any father’s wedding speech down the line! We haven’t been blessed with one of these types of photos yet but with the middle school years fast approaching, it’s only a matter of time!!

School Photo 1

In any case, when your school is looking for options this year, make sure to mention Edge Imaging’s amazing secure online archive so you can revisit your photos from wherever you are! 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Edge Imaging. My opinions on loving hilarious photos, however, are completely my own.

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