How Princesses Provided A Fairy Tale Ending For One Little Girl

Official Princess Parties

The opinions on Princess culture run from those who love everything about the fairy tale stories, to those who think princesses are ruining our little girls and driving us further into debt with all the commercialization. I have always been in the middle. I love how much my little girl adores the princess culture but I don’t think it’s turning her into anything more than a little girl who has found something she loves.

I had a change of opinion this past week, however, when something amazing happened. My friend Christine, who blogs for “Life on Manitoulin”, was forced to take an emergency helicopter ride with her 4 year old daughter, who was experiencing severe stomach pains. When they got to Ottawa and were released from CHEO, following the little one’s surgery, I got the chance to spend some time with them. Her little one, tough as nails by the way, started telling me all about her favourite princesses, as little girls do.

Christine had asked me if I thought we would be able to hire a princess on such short notice and seeing as how I am no stranger to hanging out with and writing about all things princess, I decided to try to help out. I called Official Princess Parties, a company that has already impressed me in the past, and I definitely wasn’t prepared for the kindness that followed.

I explained why I needed someone on such short notice and the owner mentioned that they were all booked up for the next couple weeks, but would send out a feeler to see if anyone was interested in the extra work. Not one minute later, while we were still on the phone, she had already received 3 messages back with people saying they wanted to help out. That would have been enough for me to sing their praises but the owner then mentioned that she wanted to provide this visit, to cheer up a scared little girl, on the house, and my heart exploded. Our princess showed up that night and had everyone mesmerized and smiling from ear to ear. She was perfect and it is exactly the thing that little girl needed at that moment.

Long story short, you can think whatever you want about the effects of princess culture, but this single event and watching the joy on that little girl’s face was enough to convince me of the overwhelming positives that can come from it. At the pace life is moving these days, sometimes it’s just nice to let kids be kids, and when it comes to princesses, I am fine with doing just that. Thank you to the amazing staff at Official Princess Parties for making this little girl’s pain a little more bearable.

Princess Funny Faces

Princess Beauty Julia

Princess Tiara

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  1. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    What a great thing you set up, Chris, and Official Princess Parties did (kudos to them!). Looks like you made more than just Little One happy. I love the goofy face pic!

  2. Christine
    Christine says:

    So amazing, Chris! What a dream come true for Little One! THANK YOU for setting that up and a huge thanks to Official Princess Parties for doing this on such short notice! Totally touched us – what a great thing they did to make one little girl’s day (maybe year)!!

  3. Kat
    Kat says:

    Chris, this is just one of the many reasons you rock. Love this post. Love that you reached out, and loved the result. Rock on!! 🙂

  4. Delta
    Delta says:

    Love this story. What a great organization. My daughter is all about princesses right now. I’m not always sure how to handle it but I do try to teach her that princess are brave, and strong, and kind. Which is definitely the case with Official Princess Parties.

  5. Aeryn Lynne
    Aeryn Lynne says:

    Awh, now I’m all teary eyed! *sniffs* This completely warms my heart, and am so glad that there are amazing people out there wanting to help a little girl (or boy if that happened to be the case) when they really need reassurance and affirmation.

    I’ve never really had an opinion on Princess culture, but I’ll totally remember this if I’m ever in need to provide thoughts on it, lol.

  6. Eric
    Eric says:

    That’s great stuff there. I appreciate the fact that other dads recognize that just because parents let their daughters play princess and dress up, it doesn’t mean we’re imposing some sort of snobby, better than the peons values on them.

    I’m going to look into this to see if there’s anything here in San Antonio for my daughters birthday.

  7. Shari G
    Shari G says:

    That is awesome Chris! It always amazes me how awesome some companies can be, especially when kids are going through a rough time. When my son had to have surgery in short notice it meant so much that a few companies jumped on board, and shipped things to me super fast. The items got us through a rough 2 days. I love the pics and all the happy smiles!

  8. Wendy [mapsgirl]
    Wendy [mapsgirl] says:

    Thank you for sharing this story and thank you for being the big-hearted guy that you are. I’m so happy that you were able to do this for R-A. The smile on her face after all that she has been through makes me get goose bumps. Sending you huge hugs. You are a great dad and a great friend!


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