As mentioned in my previous post about our journey through the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been trying to keep some form of schedule for ourselves. One of the items on the schedule is creative time for the kids. We told them that we don’t really care what they did, as long as it had nothing to do with TikTok, TV or video games. 

Most of the time they spend it separately, however there have been a couple times now where they decided to team up on a project. After one such day, they came running into the living room claiming to have built an escape room in their bedrooms and we HAD to come try it out IMMEDIATELY! Here is the bad parenting portion of this story. Having only spent just over an hour on the room, I expected that it would be an absolute disaster. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Not only was their escape room not terrible, it was actually pretty amazing. Having completed a handful of rooms over the past couple years, the one the kids put together was challenging and really fun. In any case, I documented our journey in the form of pictures and figured I’d share it here in case your kids are looking for something to do with their free time. It’s a lot of photos but totally worth checking out for ideas for your kids. 

Also, because you’ll be tired after going through the images, if your kids decide to make escape rooms too, please share their creations with me over on my Canadian Dad Facebook Page!!

Kids Escape Room 1 Kids Escape Room 2 Kids Escape Room 3 Kids Escape Room 4 Kids Escape Room 5 Kids Escape Room 6 Kids Escape Room 7 Kids Escape Room 8 Kids Escape Room 9 Kids Escape Room 10 Kids Escape Room 11 Kids Escape Room 12 Kids Escape Room 13 Kids Escape Room 14 Kids Escape Room 15 Kids Escape Room 16

Enjoy and Have Fun creating your own Escape Rooms!!!

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