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“Yay, it’s Friday! That means we get electronics at the table!”, the kids shouted with glee. 

“Actually, it’s Thursday, so no, you don’t”, the parent responded

It turns out it was Friday, at least as far as the calendar was concerned. At this point in self isolation, it could have been any number of days. Wednesday. Sunday. Monday. Those are all days of the week as well. What’s the difference when you have nowhere to go? 

We’ve really tried our best to keep some semblance of a schedule going, if only for our own sanity. The weekends clearly have a different feel than they used to and there’s only so much housework you can get done before rewatching all seasons of Game of Thrones starts looking like a better option. Even in writing this I find myself stopping to stare into nothingness before needing to reread the whole thing.

Quarantine School Time

Up to this point I still have a job, our family is healthy and we haven’t gone completely Lord of the Flies on each other yet, which I would say puts us in the lucky column of this whole thing. Others have not been as fortunate and we should definitely be looking to provide assistance where we can. That said, the boredom, fear and occasional sadness still creep in from time to time and it has been an ongoing struggle for all of us. And for you, I’d assume. 

Through all of the bad, there has at least been a little bit of good over here. We are preparing and eating meals together as a family almost daily. This may be common for some families but with kids in competitive sports we rarely had time for a single meal together, let alone every day. The grocery bill is definitely higher, however we are saving more on dining out less, a number which bordered on staggering at times. 

The kids’ schoolwork has been manageable for the most part and my daughter’s gymnastics coaches are still running daily training sessions via Zoom. It even motivated me to clean out the garage and turn it into a gymnastics center. Of course, we still have arguments over screen time and there are plenty of days where motivation is hard to find but I have decided to let go of the stress of being productive at all times and to just enjoy the waves that come. 

New Gym Center

Who knows how long this thing is going to drag on for, right? No, really, do any of you know how long this is going to take?? I kid, of course. I’m not sure there was any point in writing anything or that it made any sense to anyone. There are times I feel guilty for not having the same struggles others seem to be going through. Then I remember that life dishes out struggles differently and that my time will no doubt come. 

How are you doing through all of this? Feel free to vent your struggles here if needed.

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