We’ve all done stupid things as kids, right? I also assume we’ve all lied to our parents in order to avoid being punished, only to receive a larger punishment when our foolproof plans prove to be less proof and more fool. Well, this is a story about that.

As is the case with most siblings, my brother and I haven’t always seen things eye to eye. In our early days it was so bad that for Christmas one year, my father bought us each a set of boxing gloves and head gear so we could work it out in the backyard as opposed to the living room. I’m not sure if he bought them as a joke or not but we definitely got his money’s worth out of them.

Now, my brother will tell you all about the time he knocked me out and gave me a concussion, but the truth is that he suckered me with a knee to the head in what was supposed to be a friendly wrestling match, therefore it does not count. In fact, his disqualification means that I technically won, which means I am currently still undefeated. He was just mad about the time I pushed him off the bleachers at school and he broke his leg… I know you’re wondering to yourself “What does any of this have to do late 80’s Montreal Canadiens superstar, Stéphane Richer??” Don’t worry, we’re getting there.

Around the time my parents felt we were responsible enough to stay home by ourselves after school, my brother and I got into a huge fight that may or may not have escalated to the point that he was chasing me around the neighbourhood with a butcher knife. The end result of that fight was me throwing him through my bedroom door, which left a gigantic hole for all to see. I will say this, nothing turns a fight into a partnership more quickly than the thought of a double punishment.

In our panicked state, the amazing plan we came up with was to double poster the door, with the aforementioned Stéphane Richer, my favourite player at the time, as the main poster covering up our crime. Well, guess what?? It worked!!! For a time at least… Needless to say, it was my own laziness that became my undoing after sleeping in for school one day and forcing my parent to knock on the door and watching their hand go right through it. Oh well, lesson learned, right??? Not really.

Luckily for us, enough time had passed that Stéphane Richer helped us surpass the statute of limitations on a more severe punishment. Thanks Stéphane!!

PS – I’d love to hear your stories of sibling rivalry in the comments!!!

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