Disaster Wall Art Gallery

How To Create A Beautiful Wall Art Gallery

Ah, the disaster wall. That’s what I call the dedicated space in the picture shown above. For years my wife and I have been adding to it with no rhyme or reason behind the placement of the photos. I keep saying that I am going to fix it but then Game of Thrones comes on or my son wants to play Pokemon and I completely forget about “the wall”…

This past week I received an email from Canon, asking if I would like to take part in their campaign for the Canon PIXMA PRO printer. While watching their promo video I was excited to see that my blogging friend, Alex, from I Don’t Blog was featured, as her husband had surprised her by using the Canon PIXMA PRO to fix up their disaster wall! Fun Fact: Alex calls me Emmet because she thinks I look like “the Special” from the LEGO Movie…

After watching the video, I got excited about surprising my wife by fixing up our disaster wall. Don’t tell her, okay? Canon was kind enough to create a webpage that gives step by step instructions on how to create a beautiful wall art gallery with help from the Canon PIXMA PRO printer. I leave you with the video that got my mind turning, featuring my friends, Alex and Ryan!

*Disclosure: I was compensated for my participation in this program, however Alex really does call me Emmet and I promise that I am going to fix my disaster wall.

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  1. Christine M.
    Christine M. says:

    ooh! I love it! Lots of great tips, hoping to get working on our ‘Wall’ this winter. Oh, and I want one of those printers!

  2. Peady
    Peady says:

    Oh my goodness! EMMET!!! I love that!

    And really Emmet is a total gem, right? A nice guy. That’s a great compliment!! 😀

    Good luck with your “disaster wall”.

    The “Ryan & Alex” video made me cry. Such fine humans! 🙂

  3. Julie Bedard
    Julie Bedard says:

    We moved into our house almost two years ago and still don’t have many pictures on the wall. I keep saying that I don’t want any on until we finish up our renos and paint the walls. Hoping to get this done by spring. Then wanted to do a photo wall like you talk about. 🙂


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