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Project #DadFit – The Long and Winding Road

To say that I have been struggling lately would be a gross understatement. What started as an ambitious attempt to sculpt myself into a model of fitness, has now become a weekly struggle to even pack my gym bag. I’d love to blame Halloween for this but it started well before that.

The funny thing is that I was doing so well. I was 6 weeks in to my workouts, completed my first 5k run and had started eating better on a daily basis. Then we got some bad news, which had me working longer hours, followed by some even worse news and then I let the whole thing slip away. As it stands, I have not worked out in over two weeks and my nutrition level is at a zero, unless coffee and pizza have some sort of nutritional value.

Now, this is NOT a ‘woe is me’ post and in fact, it is quite the opposite. As I sat on my couch last night, drinking a beer, eating leftover Halloween candy and generally feeling disgusting, I remembered what it felt like when I crossed the finish line at the Army Run and how great it felt after completing my first week of the P90X3 program, and I immediately got up, packed my gym bag and left it at the front door.

Life dishes out all kinds of different scenarios and it is up to us to choose how we are going to handle them. In this instance, I have decided to choose my health over feeling sorry for myself. There is no failing, there is only road blocks to navigate until you get to the next check point and I intend to get there running.

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  1. Jeff Bogle (@OWTK)
    Jeff Bogle (@OWTK) says:

    It’s okay that I laughed a lot reading this, right Chris? Not at you but with your “disgusting” self. 😉

    I often feel the same but the desire to keep going is a plus. We have it and therefore we are running on the proper path.

    • Chris Read
      Chris Read says:

      If you didn’t laugh, I would be disappointed. This whole process, while tough to write about honestly, is about being able to laugh off the things that didn’t work on my way to finding the things that do.

  2. Elizabeth Vlug
    Elizabeth Vlug says:

    Great article. Sometimes life just gets in the way. One day at a time. And some days I take it an hour at a time. lol Wishing you success in your journey & I applaud you for putting it out there.

  3. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    Chris, not to be stalkerish or anything but I have the exact same green bowl with the same chocolate mix sitting on my couch. Last night I was dipping into it too but I didn’t get up and pack my gym bag I went to the fridge for a coke & a bag of chips 🙁 Willpower is so hard. I can think of every excuse in the book and then be mad at myself the next day.

  4. Julie Bedard
    Julie Bedard says:

    Hi! We all struggle as life does tend to give us ups and downs. Glad you got up and went. I recently blogged about getting healthy too, it’s such an easy road to turn off of. Reading your post makes me feel better that I am not alone and it’s inspiring! Good Luck!

  5. SimpleRyan
    SimpleRyan says:

    Good for you Chris!!
    Some people let life knock them down, then they never get back up. Glad to see that you decided to get back up and back in the game again!
    We all have rough patches in life – the road isn’t always smooth. But being a dad – the awesome thing is – you can share your experiences as lessons to your kids as they get older to inspire them to keep on going and never give up!

    Keep at it brotha! Take it one day at a time and you’ll be just fine!


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