What Do Dads Really Want For Father’s Day?

So in a complete brain fart move, I forgot to mention that I was asked to become a part of the Parent Tested, Parent Approved (PTPA) Blogaholics team. An invitation which I proudly accepted. You can find my musings here!

The PTPA is gearing up for Father’s Day and as a father myself, they’ve enlisted me to poll other Dads in order to let them know what we think.

I’m not asking you to do a lot of work, I know how busy you all are with your blogging and kids and golf! All I need is for you to answer these two questions.

1 – What do you really want to receive for Father’s Day?

2 – How do you want to spend the day?

That’s it! Two simple questions and you’re done. Leave a comment, send me an email, FB, Twitter, you know the drill!

In the meantime, I’ll give my answers in hopes of sparking some further dialogue.

What I really want for Father’s Day is a MacBook. What? It’s what I really want! Okay, okay, what I really want is something cool from my kids. My wife comes up with the best crafty ideas for the kids to make for me and I honestly love it. Cheap but extremely effective! From paintings to photo coffee mugs, they are all incredible!

As for what I want to do that day, we have a great event happening in Ottawa, called the Alterna Ultimate Run for Men’s Cancers. It is a cancer fundraiser but also has a great kids zone with a lot of fun family things to do. I am not a runner but I’d love to spend the day there having fun with my family, while also supporting a great cause.

See, that was easy and painless. Just leave me a note in the comments section and tell me what you really want. Your wife thinks she knows….but she doesn’t know. Help her out man!


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  1. Phil
    Phil says:

    Really, honestly? No sugarcoating here, my wife or kids will never see this, and I have nothing to gain by BSing…

    1.) A nice card from my kids, homemade, store-bought, whatever… a handful of “I love you’s,” hugs, a little praise, none of which is necessary as long as…

    2.) I can spend a nice relaxing day with the family, hopefully outdoors with a lot of laughs and silly jokes.

  2. Ron
    Ron says:

    Anything made by them would be great or a Rams hat.

    I want to sleep in then take my boys fishing or to a baseball game then home for a BBQ. (Steak and shrimp)

  3. tommy riles
    tommy riles says:

    I don’t really like gifts for myself, more so a great day.

    I would love to be surprised, and find out we’re going to a national park for picnic, and hanging out for the day.

    My kiddos are too young to make a card, but if they scribble on a piece of paper, I would frame it.

    Happy Father’s Day to all the great daddys out there!

  4. Gregg Pohll
    Gregg Pohll says:

    I would say if money were no object (and trust me it is), I would love to be taken to a sporting event, maybe soccer or baseball. Since that won’t happen, an outdoor outing would be nice. No pressure!

  5. Paula schuck
    Paula schuck says:

    Hey: that is very interesting. Thanks for the insights. I thought you would all say the sappy stuff is overdone. I guess not.

    See you Wednesday at the linked moms chat.


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