I Love You In The Whole Universe


“I Love You In The Whole Universe, Daddy”

I don’t even really know where she got it from, but my little princess repeats it to me every night before bed. I have to admit that the fact that it is grammatically incorrect actually makes it more endearing to me. She is excellent at making me feel like the more important person in the world and I hope I do the same for her and my son.

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  1. Chris Ives
    Chris Ives says:

    My first daughter, now 13, and I used to “share” a special song… Butterfly Kisses. For my second daughter and I it came from a movie with Miley Cyrus “Butterfly Fly Away”. Both have there special goodnights with DD9 including a unique handshake every night as well:) Best part about your daughter’s “love you in the whole universe” is that it won’t go away anytime soon:)


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