My Thoughts On The HP Envy X2 Tablet/Laptop Hybrid


I’ve been testing out the HP ENVY x2 tablet/laptop and the HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One printer and what follows is my very untechnological review of these devices. I say that because I often read reviews that are filled with fancy terminology that I just don’t understand. I figure if I get confused by all that, then there must be others who feel the same way I do. That said, I am going to speak to functionality of these devices as they related to me.

I have never owned a tablet before but after learning how to use Windows 8 on my smart phone, I felt I was up to the challenge of navigating the ENVY x2. The first thing I noticed about the tablet/laptop hybrid, is that it is very comfortable to carry around. I do a lot of my writing in local coffee shops and I immediately noticed the difference between the ENVY x2 and clunky mess that is my regular laptop. It might sound trivial but there is a lot to be said for comfort and personal space, especially when you are writing on small cafe tables.

Although I’ve heard complaints about the Windows 8 functionality, I happen to think it’s great to be able to slide the screen and customize the live tiles any way I want. I especially enjoyed the Netflix tab and the HD touch screen made watching the new season of Arrested Development that much more exciting. I think if you give Windows 8 a chance, you’ll see how cool it really can be.

One of my favourite things about the HP ENVY x2 is the battery life. On my recent road trip, I got almost 11 hours of use out of it before I needed to recharge and as someone who travels to conferences now, I can tell that this is going to become one of my favourite features. Another thing I loved is how easy it is to convert between tablet and laptop, with my only real complaint being that there is no USB port on the tablet portion of the device.

Overall, I loved the sleek design of the HP ENVY x2 and most of the features it offers. I am learning to really like the Windows 8 design as well, but wish there were more apps available for it. As a blogger, this device suits my needs for writing on the go and that’s all I can ask for, so I am incredibly happy with it. The added bonus of the HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One printer has been amazing for the quick printing my photos and invoices as well.

Disclosure: I received compensation for my participation in the HP Loves Dads program.

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