Best Buy Preschool Back to School

Celebrate Back To School At Best Buy {And Win A $250 Gift Card!}

Let’s get this out of the way right away. This post is sponsored by Best Buy but the words come from me, a father who will be watching both of his children attend full time school for the first time this year! Needless to say, I am slightly emotional about seeing them both off on their first days but know that they are going to do great! I am made slightly less stressed out in knowing that we have equipped them with all the gear they are going to need in order to succeed in their new adventure.

When Best Buy contacted me, I actually had no idea that they carried so many back to school supplies for kids from preschool to high school. I am also happy to note that they are fully stocked for all your child’s Frozen needs as well, something that was much appreciated by my daughter… For my son, I managed to get all of his pencils, scissors, glue and even some Home Presence Bento Lunch Boxes for both kids! Oh, and I did all of this online where you can choose to have it shipped or reserve it and then pick it up in store.

On top of all that, the Best Buy Mobile selection is huge and also helped me find some really cool Back to School apps, such as:

Hurray For Pre-K: This a book app that introduces preschoolers to an exciting peek at a Pre-K day and is a great way for parents to help reduce child anxiety about preschool.

Cozi Family Organizer: I’ve actually been using this one for a couple years and love it. Cozi helps to manage the chaos of back-to-school and everyday life with the Cozi scheduling app that allows you to keep track of all family-members’ schedules, share grocery, chore and to-do lists in real time and access, view and update from any mobile device or computer.

myHomework: This will be the first year for homework in our house and myHomework claims to keep your child on track in school by helping to organize classes, assignments, projects, and tests by tracking what’s due and when. A color coding system organizes homework by class. I’m in already!

LunchBag: LunchBag is an app that helps you plan lunches for you and your family, whether at school or at the office. It also has a database of more than 100 lunch items, and you can check each off as they’re made.

With these tools at my disposal, all I have to worry about is my own emotional state as I wave goodbye to my kids this week, and not even Best Buy can fix that! Now that you know where to go for all your Back to School needs, Best Buy wanted to get you started on the right foot by providing you, my loyal readers, with a $250 Best Buy gift card to help with all your mobile needs! To enter, just head to the Rafflecopter form below and complete the appropriate task! Good Luck!

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  1. Emma
    Emma says:

    We just started a blog for our family to follow our pregnancy and then the baby, so I think the Blogger app is my current favorite!

  2. Amy Heffernan
    Amy Heffernan says:

    Right now for me its Flipp because i can keep all the sales in track. Helps SO much because we are a big family with 4 kiddies. 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. Julie
    Julie says:

    I’m a big believer in apps as aids. I love all the picture enhancing apps. And I didn’t know Best Buy carried school supplies. Learned something new!

  4. Patrick B
    Patrick B says:

    Lately ive been using Flipp alot since they just came over to Android. My wife used it a lot when it first came out on iOS, so we’ve been putting it through its paces seeing how the versions stack up.

  5. Betty S
    Betty S says:

    just new to the app world, and this list will definetly get me started with some really good ones. I currently use my Fitbit app.

  6. Natalie @ PegCityLovely
    Natalie @ PegCityLovely says:

    Super tough question Chris! I’m “app heavy” if that makes any sense so I have a few go to’s however in the spirit of this back to school theme, I will say my fave app is Cozi – keeps us all organized no matter what type of phone each family member has, been using it for over a year and we love it!

  7. Lesley
    Lesley says:

    My favourite mobile app for me: WordPress so I can create draft posts on the go. For my son: Plumber’s Crack (throwing ice in a plumber’s butt-crack) & Marble Saga.

  8. Tara @ Don't Lick the Deck
    Tara @ Don't Lick the Deck says:

    Other than all the social media apps that get a daily workout from me, I like Pic Stitch for making quick collages, and 2 Do for keeping my tasks straight – when I remember to use it! But I do like Cozi for being able to organize the family and delegate!!

  9. Starr
    Starr says:

    My sons favourite is Plants vs Zombies and mine well, I like to waste a little time on Candy Crush! What else is a busy parent to do with a few precious moments to themselves! lol Oh and any couponing app that helps save us some money!!!

  10. Crystal Englot
    Crystal Englot says:

    I am a Scentsy consultant and my favorite App is one for my business! The Scentsy app is amazing, I can check my order history, place orders, check on my team stats and most importantly check on how much money I have earned lol Love it and I would be lost without this app!

  11. Paula H
    Paula H says:

    I love the flipp app, i can instantly check if what i want to buy is on sale anywhere and it makes price matching so simple. you can also create shopping lists of the things you find on sale! I save sooo much money with this app!

  12. Sande
    Sande says:

    The homework app is my favorite. Establishing knowledge of an organizing framework early on is so important. Less so later when it’s internalized.

  13. Alex
    Alex says:

    I’m constantly on 1 of 3 apps: Spotify, RedFlagDeals Mobile app, and Clash of Clans 😛
    Gaming, music and deals, my 3 fave things!

  14. Chris Farley Ratcliffe
    Chris Farley Ratcliffe says:

    I am going to try out cozi. That seems like it would resolve some of our conflicting schedule challenges. I would love to have the lunchbag app, but it has disappeared from the apple App Store. Making school lunches is a constant challenge especially with two girls with different food preferences.

  15. Eva Mitton-Urban
    Eva Mitton-Urban says:

    Social media has overtaken us all. Hectic work schedules/school commitments/church/family – quick thoughts – launch ready – *Twitter* is my favorite, in all honesty. If my son would have his way I would mention Facebook – Dragon City lover…..*chuckle*

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  16. Edmond
    Edmond says:

    WOW, Spotify is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. . It is tight, fly & off the chain. . Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity. Dear Santa: I have been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest.

  17. Andrea Amy
    Andrea Amy says:

    my favourite app is Simpson’s Tapped Out lol but my most used apps are the weather app, facebook, twitter and email 🙂

  18. Ginger Gervais
    Ginger Gervais says:

    Obviously the Facebook app 😉 lol I also use our local library app to check out and renew books.. Google maps and the transit app!!

  19. stacey dempsey
    stacey dempsey says:

    I need a new cell phone so at the moment I dont have any apps but I would have to say facebook first and the weather network app is great for where I live .

  20. jane kramer
    jane kramer says:

    gotta love face time , my husband is away working and only comes home on the weekends so the kids like to facetime with him

  21. Terri O'Donnell
    Terri O'Donnell says:

    My favorite mobile app is GoogleSky! We use it all the time to help point out constellations and find meteor showers, my son is fascinated by it all 🙂

  22. Marlene V. (Enelram)
    Marlene V. (Enelram) says:

    I really like the weather network app because this summer we used it all the time when camping to decide what activities to plan for the day according to the weather forecast.

  23. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    My favorite app is: mySymptoms I use it to log everything my youngest eats, and the reactions she has. It has been priceless in finding the food triggers she has (she has many food allergies and sensitivities). Best app ever if you have a person in your house with multiple food allergies. 🙂

  24. Kallie Papkie
    Kallie Papkie says:

    My fave app is Checkout 51, I earn money on my grocery purchases and after you earn 20$ you can cash out and they will mail you a cheque! Super easy!

  25. Krista M
    Krista M says:

    Proloquo2go is a communication app for those with special needs. My child is non-verbal & has been using this to “speak” for the past few years. It’s life-changing in so many ways.

  26. Ashley S
    Ashley S says:

    Why does everyone want me to choose just one? I suck at one favourite – I love Instagram, & Livestrong & Facebook (because a girl’s gotta feel connected!) and Diptic and….I’ll stop now 🙂

  27. Terri M
    Terri M says:

    currently my favorite app is Remind. I am loving that my sons teacher uses it as well, so we’ll be receiving notices from her this way. not to mention, how easy it is to send notifications as well!

  28. K
    K says:

    I’m finding some great apps by reading the comments! The apps I use the most are Facebook, Twitter and Feedly. My phone recently reset itself so I acutally don’t have many apps anymore. My kids though love the monster ones, Endless ABC and Endless 123. Thanks for the awesome giveway 🙂

  29. Sabrina Tong
    Sabrina Tong says:

    As a family we really enjoy the Songza app. I’m somewhat familiar with Cozi but the others I’m going to be checking out ASAP! 🙂

  30. Elizabeth Matthiesen
    Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    my favourite app is What’s App – this helps me stay in close contact with my 7 children who live scattered around the world – Australia, Germany, England and here.

  31. Lisa A.
    Lisa A. says:

    Fave app(s) – sharing the love — Strava, Flipp and Twitter. For fun – our kids are creating cool fun with Hyperlapse the past few days. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up on some new faves – going to check them out!

  32. Andrei O
    Andrei O says:

    My favorite app lately is the new Hyperlapse. Very cool use of existing technology to make something previously unattainable without very expensive equipment.

  33. Amanda Manduh
    Amanda Manduh says:

    I would be lost without my Google Chrome app because I’m auto signed in with my Google acct so all my bookmarks and passwords are there, best phone browser for sure. Also, I can’t be without my calendar app, I’m terrible for remember appts and “to-do” lists so I always have to have alerts. I’m going to check out that Cozi Family Organizer app, it sounds perfect!

  34. Shawna Maxwell
    Shawna Maxwell says:

    I really think i need as much help with taking pictures as possible, so i love all my options for enhancing and teaching me some photography skills ( or faking them 😉 )
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

  35. Karen W
    Karen W says:

    My favorite app is No matter where I am, it automatically shows me the location of any restaurant, gas station, hospital, bank or grocery store, among other things. It will even draw you a route to the one you choose on a map, from where you are to where you decided you wanted to go.


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