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Save Money & Help Others In Need With The Boston Pizza Kids Card!

It’s no secret that my family has a love affair with Boston Pizza. It is our kitchen away from home, mostly because it’s the one place where the kids will eat their full meals, but also because it has a little bit of everything for everyone. We go to BP so frequently that my son and I instinctively know which section we want to sit in because it has the best view of all the televisions, which play a variety of sports at all times.

I am excited to announce that the Boston Pizza Kids Card campaign is back and that you should really take advantage of it! This is one of my favourite restaurant promotions for a number of reasons and for those of you who haven’t heard of it, here is the deal. Anytime between now and October 2nd, you can purchase a BP Kids Card for a minimum $5 donation, which will get you five free kids meals, valued at $35! Pretty cool, right? That’s not all! If you register your Kids Card at BostonPizza.com with your MyBP account, you’ll get a 6th kids meal for free!

All donations go to the Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects program and every $5 raised will provide 1 hour with a role model for a child in need, so they can realize their full potential. We purchased 5 kids cards last year and had no problem going through them all, so I can’t wait to get my hands on this year’s edition and neither should you!! Head to your local Boston Pizza today and feed your kids for free while also helping children in need.

More About Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects

Boston Pizza Future Prospects

For more than 25 years, Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects has worked with partner organizations to help give kids in need the role models they require to inspire them to realize their full potential and build a brighter future.

* Every year, the foundation provides more than 200,000 hours of mentorship to kids in need.
* Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects has raised more than $22 million since its inception.
* Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects partners include: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Kids Help Phone, Live Different, JDRF and The Rick Hansen Foundation.


To further celebrate the return of the Boston Pizza Kids Card, I am giving away a $50 gift card to Boston Pizza! All you have to do to enter is complete as many of the entry methods as you want on the Rafflecopter form below and I’ll notify the winner in two weeks! Good Luck!!

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235 replies
  1. Tammi L.
    Tammi L. says:

    My 13 year old daughter is very artistic and loves to sing, dance, draw, but lately has decided to try her hand at oil paint. She blows me away… I can’t draw a straight line!

  2. Wanda Tracey
    Wanda Tracey says:

    The girls are into horse back riding and training in English saddle and the boys are into hockey .That’s if hockey is actually a hobby.It must be because they live ,breathe, dream and talk hockey all the time!! Oh ya!! In the summer it’s nets ,hockey sticks and balls.

  3. Denise Hrehoruk
    Denise Hrehoruk says:

    My 3 year old Great Niece loves going to Assiniboine Park or any playground! Thank You for the chance to win “Canadian Dad” & “Boston Pizza”

  4. Dianne G.
    Dianne G. says:

    My oldest grandson loves playing lacrosse. My granddaughters all dance and two play the piano. My youngest grandson likes to swim.

  5. Joni W
    Joni W says:

    My niece and nephew’s favourite hobby is finding all the toys and throwing them around all over the house, not a room to be spared.

  6. Erinn Lishman
    Erinn Lishman says:

    All three of my girls love doing so many activities but the one thing they all love is making art! Drawing, painting, cutting and pasting- just about anything artsy and they are hooked!

  7. June M
    June M says:

    My son’s favourite hobby is fishing for Muskie and he’s been successful at catching a few of them. My daughter’s favourite hobby is making crafts and paintings. I have a few of her paintings in our home

  8. Wayne Lecoy
    Wayne Lecoy says:

    It would be terrific to win a $50 Boston Pizza Gift Card.
    In response to your question of
    What is your child’s favourite activity or hobby?
    I don’t have any children but
    my nephew’s favourite activity is playing Hockey and Football.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  9. Sharron Johnston
    Sharron Johnston says:

    My grandchildren love going for walks and swing rides at the park. I do my best to help keep them active and outdoors. Boston Pizza is a fun place I like to take them as a treat. Many thanks 🙂

  10. Jennifer P.
    Jennifer P. says:

    Oh gosh she has so many, and she is only young so I wouldn’t say she has an absolute favourite one she has settled on yet – her overall favourite hobbies and activities include swimming, singing, playing the piano, playing tennis, playing basketball, bike riding, reading books, writing creative stories, making art, and building with LEGO.



  12. Carey Hurst
    Carey Hurst says:

    My little guy loves to make surprise eggs and open them , he loves doing crafts . Playing is a huge spare time activity that my toddler loves .

  13. Brandee H
    Brandee H says:

    My son loves to play Tag. Loves! As soon as we get to park, he starts recruiting people to play. He is baffled by people who don’t like to play tag! 🙂

  14. Tara Betterley
    Tara Betterley says:

    My daughter loves her art. She wants to be an artist when she graduates from high school. My son on the other hand is a goalie in ice hockey and loves it..

  15. Cassie Fancy
    Cassie Fancy says:

    My oldest son loves dancing , my oldest daughter loves swimming , yougest son loves sports ( ALL of them lol ) my youngest daughter loves everything crafts

  16. Sunshine G
    Sunshine G says:

    My daughter loves to build these huge, convoluted train layouts with her Thomas tracks and trains…they’re quite a sight to behold!

  17. Jurgen Deagle
    Jurgen Deagle says:

    We’ve had great meals and not so great at BP. Worst have been team – hockey road trip and BP not recommended. Otherwise I quite I enjoy the food and atmisphere

  18. Denise Hrehoruk
    Denise Hrehoruk says:

    We love doing anything outdoors…we explore alot, watch the birds and other animals it’s kinda like a Science/Biology project without the hard work!


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