Send In The Clowns…And Bring On The Fear!

People have a lot of fears. Some of them are strange, like Coprophobia, which is an abnormal and persistent fear of feces. Others are more common, such as Arachnophobia, which everyone knows is a fear of spiders.

The one that seems to straddle the fence between weird and normal however, is Coulrophobia, which is better known as a fear of clowns.

A member of my household, who shall remain nameless, suffers from this phobia. There’s no crazy story behind the phobia about how a clown tried to murder him/her. It’s just one of those things that strikes you whenever you see one.

The problem with this particular phobia is that once you have kids, there is no escaping it. Kids love clowns! They make them balloon animals, play funny instruments, perform hilarious pratfalls and most importantly, they teach children about the joys of Hamburgers, French Fries and Play Land’s!

Come to think of it, how could anyone be afraid of clowns? They are so lovable and funny! What has a clown ever done to anybody to deserve this sort of discrimination?! They slave and slave to look their very funniest, so that your kids birthday parties are a giant success and this is the thanks they get? Give me one good reason why I should fear one of these pillars of society!

Oh yeah, I forgot about him…. Sorry Ronald, as long as this guy is around, you’ll have to keep working double time to convince us that you are not evil.

Question Time! Do you have a phobia? If so, what is it? Don’t worry, no one will judge you, just consider this a safe space to share your darkest fears!


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    • Chris
      Chris says:

      I never read it but that’s because I used to be afraid of anything scary, lol. I probably still am but the kids keep me so busy that I don;t think about it anymore!

  1. Christine (@chancesmommy)
    Christine (@chancesmommy) says:

    Okay, please don’t be mad. I actually had to scroll down to the comments section without even reading the post 🙁 I am one of those people who have an irrational fear of clowns. I am totally not kidding. I’m scared of IT, Ronald McDonald, Crusty the Clown…I’m terrified. I actually have goosebumps as I type! LOL!

  2. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    I share the same phobia as the nameless person at your house. In fact, the two of us watched IT to try to remedy the issue oh about 20 years ago and it didn’t work. IT was on the other day and I watched. Still some creepy parts but can’t believe how scared we actually were of that movie since its actually pretty cheesy!!! A real clown at a party though would probably send me to te ground in the fetal position.

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      She’s pretends to be all cool about it nowadays but I can still see the fear in her eyes when we see one, lol!

  3. Brandy @insanemamacita
    Brandy @insanemamacita says:

    Well, I have a fear of heights but oddly enough I still climbed up on the top of my dad’s tandem truck (semi) to unload lumber when I worked at the sawmill. I have other phobias too (one I will share on my blog one day soon).

  4. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Leave it to Stephen King to turn the most lovable of things into the things of nightmares. Kujo. 🙂 I have a fear of spiders. The worst spiders are the ones you are hunting and you lose track of. The lost spiders are the scariest! ///oo/\

  5. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    lol I don’t think I ever did get through IT, it was sooo long! lol my son has the opposite reaction to clowns. he bursts out laughing uncontrollably! lol the clown could be a block away and not doing anything at all and my son would point and literally roll on the floor laughing lol

  6. mamawee (ashley picco)
    mamawee (ashley picco) says:

    no fear of clowns over here, I loved the book IT, liked the movie when I first saw it (I was young though) but I tried watching it again in my early 20’s and couldn’t get through it because it was just too cheesy

  7. pam
    pam says:

    I can take or leave clowns, really. My fear is of heights and for some odd reason I am thinking some day I would like to go up in a hot air balloon. NUTS!! My heart is pumping just typing that sentence. lol!

  8. Tarasview
    Tarasview says:

    I have plenty of phobias… spiders, heights, pine beetles freak the heck out of me… actually any insects that bite painfully I am not a huge fan of…

    ya. apparently I am a mess lol!

  9. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Clowns don’t bother me. However, I took a nephew to a small circus once and he FREAKED when he saw the clown. And I FREAKED because I didn’t know what to do! I kept telling him that it would be okay and that the clown is funny. But he wouldn’t listen. Shielding his eyes helped.

    What I don’t understand is …if people find clowns freaky, why are there so many of them?

    And..your question on phobias? Nope don’t really have any though I find many bugs to be icky, however I also know that I can squash them with something. My husband is afraid of heights and I recently learned that he is terrified of skunks (they hang out in our front yard when it’s dark out) …he won’t step outside if they are there!

  10. Tim Walsh
    Tim Walsh says:

    Clowns wearing garish makeup and oversized clothes can be traced back to the days of the circus. They looked this way so that they could be easily seen from a great distance by a circus crowd. And that is their problem. We were never meant to be close to them. Keep your distance, Clown. I’m a game inventor and was so freaked out by clowns that I created a game where you plunge images of clowns in the face with mini-plungers. I call it NØ CLOWNS! but people who have tested it with us call it therapeutic and cathartic. Thanks for the post, but NØ CLOWNS! (please)


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