My Addiction To Infomercials Revealed!

I think I’ve been blogging long enough that it’s time I start letting you in on some of the little things that keep my mind occupied. One of my very special secrets is that I have an abnormal love for infomercials.

It’s hard for me to pinpoint the reason for my obsession with these 20 minute masterpieces, but my best guess is that it’s due to a man named, Don Lapre. He was one of the first infomercial pitch men that really hooked me in. In fact, he was also my first experience in actually buying into an MLM scheme and also my first experience in being ripped off.

Here’s the video that hooked me for the very first time. As you can see, he is very persuasive!

Awesome, right?! Yeah, so that guy killed himself while he was in the middle of a giant federal court case against him for fraudulent activity… Glad I didn’t pursue that dream.

Anyway, my crazy obsession with infomercials took on a whole new life a few years after that initial video. It got to a point where I would stay up very late at night and literally watch hours of infomercials, with absolutely no intention of ever purchasing anything again.

From Magic Bullet’s and P90X to Flavor Wave and Get Rich Quick Schemes, I love them all. I especially love when the drug company warnings take up 80% of the actual ad. I can’t explain it, I’m not ashamed of it and I am certainly not about to stop loving these marketing miracles!

For this post, I want to leave you with one of my new favourite infomercials, for a product called the Schticky. You may think it’s because it stars that wacky ShamWoW guy, Vince Offer, but the real reason is for the insane sexual innuendo they somehow managed to slip in to the middle of it. Don’t worry, you’ll know it when you see it!

Now that I’ve opened Pandora’s box, you’ll be seeing a lot more of my favourite informercials on here. Then again, that could be a whole new blog site in itself….


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  1. Brandi
    Brandi says:

    I’m also an infomercial lover. I really get a kick out of watching them make everything look like a miracle! And the acting? Superb! Right? hehe. My husband laughs at me because I have no problem sitting down and enjoying infomercials. They’re so enticing, yet do I actually buy anything? lol Sunday mornings are the best time to watch them! 😉

  2. Kristin M.
    Kristin M. says:

    Hahaha! I love the ad for the Schticky. I nearly spit my coffee out all over the place when I saw it for the first time. The same goes for the Slap Chop. You probably know the line I’m talking about… It’s just so catchy! And hilarious! Anyway, you’re not alone with the love for infomercials. If I didn’t force myself to bed with the knowledge that my 1 year old is often up with teething pain at night, I’d be up late watching them too. (And no, I don’t buy anything either. My husband would flip. lol.)

  3. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Too funny! I got to the point where I actually looked forward to seeing the Schticky commercial around 10:30 / 11PM or so on GSN. If I stayed up late enough…there it was again! I have considered buying the product so that’s still an option…

  4. Christine
    Christine says:

    Wow. I see we share a similar addiction. I am a marketer’s dream. I’m embarrassed to say you’ll find a lot of infomercial items at this house! Sadly, my 3 year old has inherited the infomercial luvin’ gene.

  5. christopher (@twistedxtian)
    christopher (@twistedxtian) says:

    Oh, I love me a good infomercial. I’m even one to take it to the next level, I go to those fairs where it’s the infomercial in real life.

    These are always really big at the Calgary Stampede. There is an entire building filled with booths selling crap and you always have the infomercial guys selling their wares. I’d always put myself in the crowd and play along. I’d get excited when I was supposed, I’d be wow’d when I was supposed to. I’d talk to the people around me about how amazing this product was. How I was going to buy it. I’d be in the crowd convincing everyone about how amazing the product was. It was my own little high. My wife hated it and would always walk away. But I was pretty darn awesome at it. 😀

  6. Seattledad
    Seattledad says:

    We haven’t had TV for nearly 6 years, so I can barely remember the infomercials. I think my favorite was the Oxyclean guy though. We bought some once. Didn’t clean what we wanted it to if I can remember.


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