An Open Letter To My Son’s Barber

My son’s a good kid. Sure he has his moments, like when I tell him it’s time to turn off MarioKart or when we go to Wal-Mart and bypass the McDonald’s, but overall he’s a good dude.

He’s also a Tasmanian Handsome Devil. Just look at the above picture, I’m not lying.

I took him to get a haircut the other day, a task that used to be a nightmare but which has actually become a pleasant experience as he’s grown older.

When asked what I wanted them to do to his hair, I responded with “Just a bit shorter all the way around, we like to spike it up to give him a faux-hawk too so keep that in mind”.

I sat there with him and watched the procedure, he was good and listened to all the instructions he was given, while occasionally glancing up at the TV, which was playing Toy Story 3.

I’m not sure at what point he pissed of the barber but the end result of his haircut is something he won’t understand until he is much older.

I loved the movie Dumb & Dumber but it’s safe to say that the Lloyd Christmas look was never going to become a “Fad”.

With that in mind, all I have to ask the barber after this particular experience is….


Daddy Loves You Lucas! I’m so sorry for letting them do this to you….actually I’m sorry for sharing it with the world too, unfortunately it’s too late to retract it. I know you’ll understand someday!