I Love You 200

Love You 200

My wife asked my son how much he loved her the other day, and he answered, I Love You 200! We both looked at each other, and then he followed it up with, “That’s a lot”. I spent the last couple of days wondering what that 200 could possibly represent, and these are my best guesses.

* 200 Skylanders. (This is his favourite game and 200 new characters would certainly translate into plenty of love.)

* 200 episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (His favourite TV show. We are both getting tired of watching the same episodes, so 200 new ones would be amazing!)

* 200 cookies. (Should be pretty self explanatory, no? This is something we can get get behind.)

* 200 play dates. (What can I say, this kid loves playing with his friends.)

* $200. (To a 5 year old, $200 probably seems like a million. That’s a lot of love!)

* 200 straight hours of Game of Thrones! (Okay, that one’s for me, but still, amazing!)

* 200 extra days of vacation from work. (**Drool**)

* 200 Pizzas. (This is both my son’s and my favourite food. Just the thought of this gives me the excited goosebumps)

* 200 X’s and O’s. (This is what I hope it stands for. There is no amount of pizza in the world that I would trade in exchange for this one.)

And, there you have it. I really have no clue what he was talking about, but in the end it doesn’t really matter because if he says “I Love You 200” is a lot of love, I have to take his word for it. In all honesty, I think he is smarter than I give him credit for, and this whole thing was an elaborate subliminal plan to get kid points, so he can work his way to actually obtaining the 200 Skylanders he covets. Well, guess what? I will totally take that!

The Most Talented Cat In The World







I am not a cat person. I do not own a cat and I will most likely never own a cat. The only exception I have seen so far is the cat in the video below. If he becomes available, I may jump in to the bidding war that will ensue.

My favourite show on television right now is Game of Thrones. I know, I know, the book junkies hate that they “ruined” this story by turning it into a show and it is nothing like the books. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I am not a huge book person either!

I like things that entertain me and Game of Thrones has provided me with countless hours of entertainment, which is all I need!

Back to my friend, the Cat! When I see something that makes me cry with laughter, I sometimes feel the need to share that with people. Now that I have a space to do that, I would like to share this video of a cat singing the theme to Game of Thrones and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

On the other hand, I may just been really tired when I watched it…. Either Way, Enjoy!

Happy Hump Day! Cheers!