I Guess It’s Time To Make A Wish?

I’m a little confused as to how I am supposed to write this piece. I don’t realistically believe in a lot of superstitions. Luck, karma, Murphy’s Law, etc… I find it’s just easier to set goals and then to work hard to obtain them. Not getting that big promotion doesn’t send me into a ranting tirade about how I’ve been screwed! I simply dust myself off and look at what I can do better for the next time. I’ve brushed off a lot of dust.

Recently, however, there has been a recurring anomaly that has left me pondering my belief system. We all know the modern superstition, that when you look at a clock that shows the times, “1:11 or 11:11”, that you are supposed to make a wish. It seems like more of a fun exercise to me, where you make a wish that never comes true and then you move on until it happens again in a year or so.

The problem here is that it has been happening to me with such frequency, that I am having a hard time deciphering what it all means! Looking it up on Google doesn’t help either, because there are so many possible explanations that I would no doubt choose the one I like the most and put it towards that. I could go back to the wish thing but there are so many rules about wishing, that I would be afraid to jinx it. Do you have to keep wishing for the same thing? If I wish for money or a promotion over the health and safety of my family, does that make me a jerk? And what about World Peace!!! I can’t take all this pressure!

There has to be some kind of explanation for all of this. I’m talking once a day for the last 20 or so days, this has happened. It can’t be merely a coincidence! So I’m putting it out there to you, the good readers of this blog, to tell me what is going on here? Please fill me in on what I am supposed to do with all this madness.

Also, if you have secretly been waiting for my birthday (PS-It’s in 6 days) to surprise me with a bag of cash or some cool new job offer, where I get to play on Twitter and write stories all day, please just end the suspense and do it now! I can’t go on thinking that something big is going to happen because of these ridiculous 1’s that keep popping up on any clock I happen to be standing close to.

On the other hand, I guess I could just stop looking at my iPhone…Hahahaha, not likely!