CD Podcast 15 - Mike Reynolds

Canadian Dad Podcast: Ep. 15 – Father, Speaker, Cross-Stitcher, Mike Reynolds

Today on the podcast I speak to Mike Reynolds from On the show we cover topics such as:

– Body Image for Men

– Mike’s switch from to

– Mike’s new found love of Cross-Stitching

– Speaking in New York on the Changing Face of Maculinity

– Mike’s t-shirts for Charity Venture

– The hopeful revival of our Creative Minds Podcast

You can visit Mike’s Everyday Girl Dad Project on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

I hope you enjoy the show and please feel free to leave a very kind review if you see fit! 😀

Canadian Dad Podcast The Trews

Canadian Dad Podcast; Ep. 9 – John-Angus MacDonald from The Trews

I had the very cool opportunity to chat with John-Angus MacDonald, who is the guitarist for one of my favourite Canadian rock bands, The Trews. John-Angus is a new father and I was curious to hear how his rock star life had changed after his son’s birth.

Before we talked father, John-Angus was gracious enough to answer a bunch of my rock and roll questions. I’ve always been fascinated by rock stars and everything that goes on behind the scenes in the rock world. John-Angus shares his mindset before and after a show and talks about The Trews’ new self-titled album.

One of my favourite parts of the interview is when J-A talks about how they treat each new album as if they are re-applying for their jobs. I also get the back story behind the band’s name and how they started out as a band named, Trouser.

We close out the interview by talking about fatherhood and John-Angus shares his hopes for himself as a father and talks about whether he’ll encourage his children to pursue a musical career. I had a blast talking music and fatherhood with John-Angus MacDonald and highly recommend their new album to anyone who loves rock and roll!

For more info on The Trews, their tour and their music, you can visit

Canadian Dad Podcast - Jeff Bogle

Canadian Dad Podcast – Ep. 4 – Writer & Kindie Music Expert, Jeff Bogle

Jeff Bogle from joins me on th podcast to talk about the importance of giving our children a taste of a variety of different art forms, especially when it comes to the type of music we listen to. 

There is a while kindie music scene outside of the Frozen soundtrack and the Wheel on the Bus and Jeff takes us through some of the best in the business. He also offers his services in helping you find a kindie band that blends your genre of music with topics that kids can really understand. 

I also strongly enoucrage you to check out Jeff’s podcast on iTunes, The OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast.

Introducing the Creative Minds Podcast!

It only took me just under a year of talking about it but I have finally decided that it was time to launch a podcast! I’ve teamed up with my good friend, Mike Reynolds, from the blog, Puzzling Posts, and we just finished recording our first episode. The title of the podcast is Creative Minds and while the overall goal is to have guests talk about their creative processes, we are going to be covering all sorts of topics. I have decided to house the podcasts here until we can get our new site up and running.

In the first episode we talk about our everything from why Mike is excited about his nightmares, to my incessant need to try and figure out the exact moment that I am about to fall asleep. We had a lot of fun taping this and hope you enjoy it as well. We have guests lined up for the next couple shows and can’t wait to dig in. Thank in advance for listening!

Talking “Family Matters” With CJAD800

I have been fortunate enough to have a monthly spot on the “Family Matters” segment with CJAD800’s Ric and Suzanne. This month I had the chance to talk about the tightrope that is children’s activities, as well as my recent experience where I had to explain why it’s okay for my son to want to do gymnastics. As always, I appreciate the opportunity to have my voice heard and always have a great time on the show. You can listen to my segment below.

Podcast ~ Discussing The NHL Playoffs, We Day & Letting Children Explore


I am always excited to join CJAD’s Ric & Suzanne for their “Family Matters” segment and this week we started out by discussing how I am going to convince my son to cheer for the same sports teams I do. From there, I shared my experience from attending Free the Children’s “We Day”.

We also talked about the Ottawa mother who made the difficult decision to leave her severely autistic son at a government office and we also discuss how to build self esteem in your children. You can find the recording below.

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My Interview on Family Matters With CJAD800’s Ric & Suzanne


This is my latest appearance on “Family Matters” with CJAD800’s Ric & Suzanne. In this month’s podcast, I talk about the Canadian Soccer Association’s decision to ban scores and standings in leagues with children under the age of 12.

We also discussed the Rehtaeh Parsons case and why it’s so important to talk to our children about bullying and consent. It was a difficult conversation but it’s one that all of us need to take a lot more seriously.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Bieber, Prostitution, Trophy Dads & My Rap on The Life of Dad Podcast

Recently, I was happy to accept an invitation to be a guest on the Life of Dad Show Podcast with Tom Riles and Art Eddy. For those of you who haven’t heard of Life of Dad, it’s like Facebook for Dad bloggers. There are a lot of great Dads writing over there and I’ve heard that the guy who runs their twitter account is handsome and awesome! (PS – It’s me, come and say hi @LifeOfDadShow)

On this particular podcast, which is about 30 minutes long, we talk about Trophy Dads, Justin Bieber, Ellen, Ping Pong, Prostitution, Canadian Geography, the Montreal Canadiens and I close it out with a rap that I wrote specifically for the podcast. Each podcast ends with the guest rapping and I was challenged to a rap off, which you will see I clearly won, lol.

It was a jam packed show and has inspired me to look into starting my own podcast. I’m not going to promise it will happen but it’s at least on the table.

So, without further ado, here is my day with Life of Dad. PS – If you’re looking for the rap, it’s around the 28:30 mark, although I don’t why you would want to hear that….